The contrast between 5052 H34 aluminum plate and 5052 h32 alminum plate


Many customer maybe confused with 5052 h32 aluminum plate and h34 aluminum plate. which is better for their choice? this article will explain it for you.
1. The tensile strength is different: the tensile strength of 5052 H32 aluminum plate is 210-260; the tensile strength of 5052 H34 aluminum plate is 230-280. Tensile strength is the critical value for the transition of metal from uniform plastic deformation to locally concentrated plastic deformation, and it is also the maximum load-bearing capacity of metal under static tension.
2. The specified non-proportional extension strength is different: the non-proportional extension strength specified by 5052 h32 aluminum is 130; the non-proportional extension strength specified by 5052 h34 aluminum is 150. The defined non-proportional elongation strength Rp is the stress when the non-proportional elongation is equal to the specified percentage of the extensometer gauge length, and Rp0.2 is the stress when the specified extensometer gauge length is 0.2%.
3. The bending radius is different: the bending radius of 5052 H32 aluminum sheet is 1.5t; the bending radius of 5052 H34 aluminum sheet is 2.0t. The bending radius is the radius of curvature. In layman's terms, a very small segment on the curve is replaced by a circular arc. The radius of this circle is the bending radius.
The contrast of 5052 H34 aluminum plate and 5052 h32 alminum plate
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