the new trend of tank truck material-Aluminum alloy for tank truck


The tank truck in our cognition is generally bulky, but with the emergence of the concept of lightweight,lightweight materials have gradually become the primary consideration of all walks of life when choosing materials, the tank car is no exception. What material is the tank truck usually? Which material conforms to the concept of lightweight and will become the mainstream of tank car development in the future?And where is its advantage, with these questions, follow Mingtai aluminum industry to learn about it!


What are the commonly used materials for tank truck ?

There are three kinds of materials commonly used in tank truck: carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy.The characteristics of these three materials are different.

1.Carbon steel is the most conventional and the lowest cost. Most domestic tank materials are made of carbon steel.

2.The price of 304 stainless steel is much more expensive than that of carbon steel, so it is used less, but the advantage is that the residual value of tank truck is higher than carbon steel when it is scrapped.

3. Aluminum alloy is more common in the market.Because of its small density, light weight, moderate price, safety and durability, more importantly, aluminum can be recycled and will not pollute the environment after being scrapped.

To sum up, the use of aluminum alloy for tank automobile is more in line with the lightweight concept, and is also superior to carbon steel and 304 stainless steel in terms of price and environmental protection.

Advantages of aluminum alloy for tank truck:

1.The safety is high, because the density of the aluminum is small, the weight of aluminum alloy in the same type of tank truck is more than several tons lighter than that of steel. The aluminum tank body is lighter, which reduces the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, makes the vehicle run more smoothly, reduces the wear of tires, and reduces the probability of tire blowout.

2.The self-weight of the aluminum alloy tank truck is light, the effective load is increased, which can expand tank car capacity.

3. The anti-oxidation effect is good,The aluminum alloy forms a dense alumina film on the surface of the tank body,which can effectively prevent the invasion of water vapor, prevent rust,ensure that the transported goods are not polluted.

4. Excellent anti-corrosion performance, most of the items in the tank are corrosive,the life of the tank car with aluminum alloy material is longer.

5.Aluminum is a recyclable metal. The recycled aluminum alloy is no different from the original aluminum alloy in terms of properties, it can be used repeatedly to reduce the waste of metal resources.


High quality aluminum alloy manufacturer for tank truck—Mingtai Aluminum Industry

Aluminum for tank truck leads the lightweight trend of tanker industry and successfully subverts the design concept of traditional carbon steel tank truck . At the same time, aluminum for tank truck is expanding in the market of our country and more important role in road transportation as the market continues to expand in China. Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of aluminum base materials for tank truck. The aluminum plate for tank truck can be produced:  5083 aluminum plate,  5754 aluminum plate,  5454 aluminum plate,  5182 aluminum plate. The thickness can be up to 600mm, and the maximum width can be 2650mm,the specific specifications can be customized according to the customer's needs. Mingtai aluminum industry can implement national standards, American standards, European standards, Russian standards, Japanese standards and other national standards. Products sell well in more than 40 countries around the world and can provide quality guarantee. If you need aluminum for tank truck  base material, please feel free to contact MingTai aluminum industry 

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