when you purchase the 5005 h14 aluminium sheet


Before you purchase the 5005 h14 aluminium sheet, understanding its composition will be helpful, which is as follows:

Chemical Composition of Aluminium 5005

l Aluminum: between 97.0 to 99.5%

l Chromium: 0.1% maximum

l Copper: 0.2% maximum

l Iron: 0.7% maximum

l Magnesium: between 0.5% to 1.1%

l Manganese: 0.2% maximum

l Residuals: 0.15% maximum

l Silicon: 0.3% maximum

l Zinc: 0.25% maximum

Thus, the alloy composition of Aluminium 5005 is very similar to that of A5657 alloy.

 5005 h14 aluminium sheet

Characteristics of Aluminium 5005

The features of the 5005 aluminium sheet are as follows:

l It is corrosion-resistant.

l It has brilliant formability in softer tempers.

l It is fantastic for welding purposes.

l It has poor machinability.

What is Aluminium 5005 used for?

There are many uses for the Alloy 5005, which is useful for different businesses and industries. Some of the primary benefits for this alloy are as follows:

l In building and construction works, especially roofing, cladding, and corrugated sheet.

l For the creation of road signs, signages, and nameplates.

l For the production of chemical and food equipment.

l In the building of furniture.

l It is helpful for its anodized parts.

l In the structure of HVAC equipment.

l For packaging industries

l For building pipes and tubes

l For the bodies of cans.

5005 h24 aluminium sheet conclusion

You can very well understand by now that the 5005 h24 aluminium sheet is an essential resource. This alloy has a lot of use cases and is therefore crucial in many vital industries. It is also so quite affordable, and that is why it is an extremely popular alloy that is in high demand. Purchasing this alloy has become easier than ever, as you can also order it online. Get the best quality 5005 aluminium sheet online without any hassle today!

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