Mingtai Aluminum has been committed to the research and development of a lightweight material for automobiles. After the unremitting efforts of our R&D department, the aluminum plate and foil products produced by our company have been applied very well in the automobile, which is affirmed by most auto parts manufacturers. Put a lot of effort into automotive lightweight applications, for car doors, hoods, car roofs, underguards, wheels, fenders and heat exchange systems (heat sinks) as well as automotive power batteries, lifts, gas storage tanks For other components, we have developed aluminum foil and foil products for each component.

Aluminum Application

Introduction of aluminum panels for doors, front and rear covers, lifts and fenders

Aluminum Sheet for Vehicle Truck Lids,Doors, Engine Hoods

For the car door, car hood and front and rear fenders of the car, the mature products we have developed so far are 5182 alloy plates. Mingtai Aluminum 5182 alloy aluminum sheet stamping performance is good.


5182 aluminum alloy, currently known for its thickness range of 0.15-600mm, width range of 20-2600mm (cut according to customer requirements)


Aluminum Sheet for Vehicle Bodies

Aluminum Sheet for Vehicle Bodies

As part of the ever-increasing effort to maximize fuel economy, automakers are more than often substituting aluminum for steel to build body panels in order to save weight. Both producers and consumers are finding that aluminum is great to work with in terms of gas mileage, but it can cause other problems to surface.

Aluminum is seen as one of the best ways to reduce hundreds of pounds of body weight all at once. Ford has been a leader in embracing the material at a volume level, and they have placed a huge bet on their aluminum crash diet.

Mingtai has successfully developed products for auto bodies, including aluminum alloy 6082, a thickness range of 0.3-600mm, width range of 50-2600mm.


Aluminum foil for automotive power battery

Aluminum Foil for Battery Shell Cells

The popularity of new energy vehicles and electric vehicles has forced automotive power batteries to make changes in raw materials. Mingtai has successfully developed products for power batteries, including power battery shell 3003 aluminum strip, battery core 1235 aluminum foil, 3003/1070/1235 aluminum foil.

For 3003 aluminum alloy, we can produce a thickness range of 0.20-4.5mm and a width range of 20-2600mm. 1070 aluminum foil, 1235 battery foil, the market demand materials are generally H18 state, the thickness is generally 0.012-0.02mm, the width range: 280-1200mm.


Automobile top plate, bottom guard plate, aluminum alloy model for gas storage tank

aluminum alloy model for gas storage tank

The range of automotive parts is relatively wide. The lightweight aluminum alloy products developed by the famous aluminum industry for automobile automobile bottom guards and automobile gas storage tanks are 5083, 5754, 5052 alloy aluminum plates. 5083 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum alloy are the most widely used in these automotive parts, and the practical application effect is very good, and the market reaction is very good. Mingtai Aluminum is currently in mass production for its customers.

Thick aluminum plate for automobile wheels

Aluminum Sheet for Vehicle Wheels

The thick aluminum plate for automobile wheels is mainly 6061 aluminum alloy. 6061 aluminum alloy is a heavyweight product developed by Mingtai Aluminum. We have very mature technology. Production processing thickness range: 0.30-600 Width range: 150-2600

Types and applications of aluminum alloys for vehicles
Mingtai aluminum alloys are produced in its cutting-edge works under thorough quality and environmental management systems with ISO 9001 and Ts 16949 certification.


Alloy designation


Applications in automobile

1000 Al


1)Excellent processability and surface treatability.
2)The most corrosion-resistant of all aluminum alloys.



1)General-purpose aluminum with over 99.0% purity.
2)Surface appears slightly white after anodizing.

Heat insulators, license plates



1)10% stronger than 1100.
2)Good processability and corrosion resistance.



1)Stronger than 3003.
Excellent 2)deep-drawability, and good corrosion resistance.

Cowl grilles, heat insulators



A medium-strength alloy. Good corrosion resistance and
formability. High fatigue strength.

Meter display panels, AT drums,
air bag inflators, covers


20% stronger than 5052. Good corrosion resistance.      

Wheel rims, suspension components


1)An alloy for use in welded structures.
2)The strongest of the non-thermally treated alloys.

Tanks, gas cylinders


1)Nearly as strong as 5083.
2)Good processability and corrosion resistance.

Dust covers, seat frames, air cleaner cases,
spring sheets


1)20% stronger than 5052.
2)Good formability.
3)Good stress corrosion cracking performance.

Wheels, underbody components,
drivetrain components,
suspension components



Heat-treatable alloys with good corrosion resistance.

ABS, crossmembers, wheels, propeller shafts,
arms, links, air bags, joists, receiver tanks


Typical extrusion alloys. Lower strength than 6061,
but superior extrusion properties  

Moldings, seat frames, truck bed gates,
roof railings, piping


Intermediate strength between 6061 and 6063.
Good corrosion resistance and weldability.

Bumpers, space frames, engine brackets,
seat frames, ABS, side sills, shock absorbers

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