The thermoform tooling process can be quite complex and involves a number of technical steps that require precision parts and handling. It is critically important to choose the best materials for the job, as mistakes and sub-optimal performance can cost a company time, money, and resources.

One of the decisions that manufacturers must make is what material mold to use. Cheap materials, such as wood or wood composite, while they might be okay for a small, in-house project that’s meant to quickly test equipment, a more permanent solution is needed for most thermoforming needs. On the other hand, more expensive materials, such as steel injection molding, take more time to make and provide for less flexibility in the fabrication process.

Aluminum mold plates offer the best combination of cost savings and adaptability thanks to its ability to offer close tolerances, tight specifications, and sharp detail, as well as the relative ease of using it to produce parts of various sizes and shapes.

Aluminum Application

The design and production of Mingtai mold aluminum plates are based on superior quality. Among them, 6061 mold aluminum plates have become the star products of Mingtai mold aluminum plates.

Applied alloys: 6061 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 6082 aluminum plate, etc.

Application characteristics: Mingtai mold aluminum plate is accurate in thickness, wear-resistant and durable, economical and beautiful.

Product details: The 5083 mold aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum uses continuous casting and rolling processing technology, which has good forming processability, corrosion resistance, weldability, and oxidation deep processing performance. It is one of the choices for aluminum plate for mold making; The 6061 mold aluminum plate is generally a 6 series thick aluminum plate. Mingtai Aluminum produces 6061 mold aluminum plates with a thickness of up to 600mm and a width of up to 3000mm, which can meet the needs of various mold industries. Mingtai 6082 mold aluminum plates are widely used in Production of automobiles, motorcycles, furniture, sports equipment, household appliances, etc.
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