Pharmaceutical Industry

High-quality medicines need packaging in which they are safely protected from environmental influences, oxygen and moisture. It is only in this way that the ingredients retain their effects which they are to develop when ingested.

Blister packs are often used for medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. These consist of the so-called push-through Blister (or shorter “Blister”), a moulded plastic with cavities for the individual tablets, and a push-through closure made of aluminium foil, which is called blister film or lid film. As a result, capsules and tablets are hygienically clean and protected.

Aluminum Application

1, Aluminium foil for blister packaging
The blister pack is formed by placing the medicine in a blister or blister of a plastic molded plastic sheet, and then thermally bonding the plastic sheet to the aluminum foil which is printed and coated with a protective agent and a binder. Aluminum foil for blister packaging can be printed on one device at a time, coated with protective agent, adhesive coating process and corresponding drying process, suitable for mass production, so aluminum foil for blister packaging is also the main aluminum foil in the field of pharmaceutical.

Aluminium foil for blister packaging


Specification of Aluminium Foil for Blister Packaging
Typical alloy:8021 aluminum foil
Material status:O
Typical products: Blister packaging, etc.

2, PTP medicine aluminum foil
It has good light-proof and barrier properties, and is easy to push open or puncture. It is convenient to take medicines and is suitable for packaging of medicines such as tablets, capsules and pills.

 PTP medicine aluminum foil

Specification of  PTP medicine aluminum foil

Typical alloy:8011 aluminum foil
Material status:O、H18
Typical products: Capsule cover, etc.

3,Tropical medicine aluminum foil
The tropical medicine aluminum foil is a combination of a thermoformed plastic blister and a cold formed composite aluminum. The blister package maintains the bubble size and the area around the blister is slightly wider so that the cold formed tropical blister composite film can seal with the thermoformed blister makes up for the problem of non-blocking and poor water resistance in the traditional aluminum-plastic, and is gradually becoming one of the mainstream packaging methods. Its unique packaging design of child protection tropical medicine foil allows adults to open the medicine packaging, and children can not open, it can not affect the normal use, but also prevent children from taking drugs. Its emergence has caused widespread attention in the pharmaceutical industry.

Tropical medicine aluminum foil

Specification of Tropical medicine aluminum foil

Typical alloy:8021 aluminum foil、8079 aluminum foil
Material status:O
Typical products:High-end pharmaceutical packaging, etc.

4, Aluminum Foil for Medicine Cover

The aluminum foil about the cap of the medicine bottle is a hot stamping material which is directly calendered into a sheet by metal aluminum, and the hot stamping effect is similar to that of the pure silver foil stamping, so it is also called a fake silverfoil. It has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability, net, uniform color, no speckle. And more importantly, foil medicine is very safety and hygiene.

Aluminum Foil for Medicine Cover

Specification of Aluminum Foil for Medicine Cover

Typical alloy:8011 aluminum foil
Material status:H14 H16
Typical products:Oral liquid aluminum-plastic compound cover, infusion bottle aluminum-plastic cover, etc

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