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The aluminum 5754 Plates are the steel plates made by the aluminium and copper containing alloy. The plates made of this alloy are having greater hardness and toughness and they can be used in many of the different applications. This alloy is having greater and increased strength and is good to handle the tensile load and has fatigue resistance. It is having greater corrosion resistance to any type of corrosion or corrosive substance. This alloy is ductile, malleable, and has greater bending ability. It can be fabricated in the cold as well as hot working in annealed condition. These plates are also having good acceptance of anodizing and are mostly supplied in the tempered and quenched condition.

Hennan Mingtai aluminum industrial Co., Ltd are the leading incorporate supplying the ALUMINIUM 5754 Plates worldwide. Therefore for supplying their products to every corner of the world, we need to have the packaging to be done accurately so as to make the product reach to the doorsteps of our clients in the state as they are newly made. Packaging is a very important task especially in the case of international shipments. In the international delivery, we have to pass through various channels of the process of shipment to reach the ultimate destination of our package. Therefore we put special concern regarding the criteria’s of packaging. Our goods are packed in numerous ways based on the contents.


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The plates of the aluminium and copper alloy of the grade 5754 are packed in certain ways according to their size and conditions. We have to make sure that the product does not get in the contact with any of the corrosive or the reactive substance. We also have to make sure that these plates should not be exposed to free air as they can decrease the life of the material. Therefore we pack our products in the Carton boxes, wooden pallets, boxes, or crates. These are designed according to the dimensions and shape of the aluminium plate and are packed in very air-tight and isolated form.


We at MINGTAI are having a greater lead in the industrial market. We are manufacturing the steel plates of the grade 5754 from the alloy of aluminium and copper and supplying them worldwide. We are using the finest tools in the manufacturing of these plates which provide very profitable results. We use different processing machines which provide us the products of accurate precision, and smooth fineness. The raw material used by us in the manufacturing is of premium quality and has many productive features.


We also provide fast delivering service of the products which is usually before time. We also provide the support of our advisory consultant on call and also through chat through our website. We also provide e-mail service by which you can e-mail us your queries. We are at your service for 24x7. We also provide custom services in case of manufacturing and packaging. We are fully dedicated in serving our esteemed patrons and they can completely rely on us.

Standard Specification of 5754 aluminum plate, aluminum plate supplier, aluminum plate price for sales



Properties of 5754 Aluminum Plate:

1.5754 Al-Mg alloy has excellent processing properties, high strength, corrosion resistance, durability and easy coloring in later processing. It is often used to make high-grade alloy doors and windows.

2.Mingtai 5754 aluminum plate has a high adaptability to high fatigue strength and weldability. In terms of composition, the 5754 aluminum plate contains elements such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, iron, and silicon. Its tensile strength is 165-265mpa, which is attributed to medium level.

3.The 5754 alloying element is mainly Mg, and the Mg content is between 3-5%. The main features are low density and high elongation. Therefore, under the same area, the lightweight value is high.

4.Mingtai 5754 aluminum sheet meets the national standard for aluminum strip (GB / T 3880-2006) and is applicable to the uniform standard for aluminum alloy strip.


Heat Treatment Process of 5754 Aluminum Sheet:

1) Homogenization annealing: heating 440°C; holding 12 ~ 14h; air cooling.

2) rapid annealing: heating 350 ~ 410°C; holding time 30 ~ 120min; empty or water cooled.

3) High temperature annealing: heating 350 ~ 420°C; when the thickness of the finished product is≥6mm or <6mm, the holding time is 2 ~ 10min or 10 ~ 30min; air cooling. 4) Low temperature annealing: heating 250 ~ 300°C or 150 ~ 180°C; holding time is 1 ~ 2h, air cooling.

Technical Parameter

Standard Specification of 5754 aluminum plate, aluminum plate supplier, aluminum plate price for sales

Specification:ASTM B209 / ASME SB209




Finish:Mill, Customer specific finish

Type:HR / CR Sheet / Plates/ Strips/ Coils/ Chequered Plates


Aluminium 5754 Sheet & Plates Equivalent Grades :








EN AW-5754






Other Types :

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Aluminium 5754 Hot-Rolled (HR) Plate Aluminium 5754 Cold-Rolled (CR) Sheet


Chemical Composition of Aluminium 5754 Plate











Other (Each)

Others (Total)

2.60 - 3.60

0.0 - 0.50

0.0 - 0.40

0.0 - 0.40

0.0 - 0.30

0.0 - 0.20

0.0 - 0.15

0.0 - 0.10

0.0 - 0.05


0.0 - 0.05

0.0 - 0.15


Mechanical Properties of Aluminium 5754 Plates

Tensile Strength

Elongation at 50 mm

Proof Stress

Hardness Brinell

190 - 260MPa

12 Min %

80 Min MPa

52 HB

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