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Product introduction
Water-cooled panels are an important part of the thermal management system of new energy vehicles, and are usually used in load-bearing and corrosion-resistant environments. Therefore, when selecting the manufacturing material of the water-cooled plate, the strength and corrosion resistance of the material need to be considered. The automobile water-cooling plate generally adopts aluminum brazing composite material, and the process is mainly raw material stamping - cleaning - flux coating - riveting - brazing - testing - sealing and other processes. In order to ensure the stamping and stretching requirements of the water-cooled plate, the materials used are required to have good stretching ability.

3003 aluminum plate has excellent performance and is widely used in automotive water-cooled plate materials
The battery cooling system of new energy vehicles mainly includes important components such as batteries, battery coolers and water cooling plates, and is an important component of the thermal management system of new energy vehicles. The automotive water-cooling plate is usually placed under the battery module. The new energy vehicle water-cooling plate components are used in load-bearing and corrosion-resistant environments and conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to develop high-strength and high-corrosion-resistant brazing composite materials to meet the requirements of different water-cooled plates. Design and application requirements.

With the country's vigorous development of new energy vehicles, the demand for water-cooled plates will continue to rise, and the market demand for 3003 aluminum plates for brazing composite materials will also continue to rise. The main alloying element of 3003 aluminum plate is manganese, and the strength of 3003 aluminum plate alloy increases with the increase of manganese content. 3003 aluminum plate has good formability, good corrosion resistance and weldability. Mingtai Aluminum provides aluminum plates in various thicknesses: 0.2-500mm, width 100-2500mm, which can be customized on demand.

Typical uses of 3003 aluminum plate
Use of 3003 aluminum foil aluminum material: aluminum foil for honeycomb core, electronic foil, honeycomb material, lunch box material, container foil, etc.

Common uses of 3003 wide aluminum plate: silo, bus skin, curtain wall panel, antenna pot material, roof panel, etc.;

Typical uses of conventional rolled 3003 aluminum plate: fuel tank, water tank, automobile heat shield, automobile skid plate, power battery shell, battery cover, automobile interior decoration, signs, cans, medical equipment, etc.

At present, Mingtai Aluminum is a domestic 3003 aluminum plate supplier, a listed company with strong strength, complete supporting equipment, high technical level and skilled craftsmanship, and can supply products according to customer needs. The price + the processing fee of our factory is calculated. If you want to know more product information and preferential quotation, you can click the online consultation on the right, or email at we will be glad to help!



Advantages of using 3003 aluminum plate for automobile water cooling plate
1. Light weight: Aluminum alloy has the advantages of low density, high specific strength, easy processing and forming, and is currently an ideal lightweight material for automobiles.

2. Easy to process: It has good welding performance and is easy to process and form;

3. Good consistency: stable performance, high elongation, easy stamping, strong welding performance;

4. Excellent corrosion resistance: 3003 aluminum plate belongs to the series of aluminum-manganese alloys, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate, which still has good anti-rust ability in humid environment.

5. Good stamping and tensile properties: 3003-O state aluminum plate is soft in material, high in plasticity, easy to punch and stretch, and meets the requirements of conventional processing.

6. Renewable utilization: Aluminum alloy material has high recycling rate and is green and environmentally friendly.

Technical Parameter

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length Application
3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate
O h14 0.8-3.0 customerized customerized
New energy vehicle power battery water cooling plate

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