Aluminum plate for LNG storage tank
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Product Brief

Most of the tank cars are made of stainless steel, pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, and the inner surface of the tank needs to be treated with titanium plating. Among the materials of the aluminum alloy plate of the tanker, the aluminum alloy represented by the 5083 aluminum plate is the representative of the aluminum plate of the current tank car.

Mingtai Aluminum can undertake orders for 10-5000 tons of LNG storage tanks for 5083 aluminum plates, customized according to needs, 7-35 days delivery, stable product quality, global export, affordable, and can be purchased with confidence!


Why choose us Mingtai Al, as your supplier of Aluminum plate for LNG storage tank

Seeking for sustainable development, Mingtai Al. Industrial Corp., Ltd is highly responsible for its clients and dedicates to R&D of new product and product quality control.

R&D Team with 313-members

The R&D center now has 313 technical professionals, 24 of whom are senior engineers and 73 engineers.

Advanced R&D Equipment

The company has a number of internationally advanced R&D facilities including: BRUKEROPTICS, Hitachi scanning mirror and EDS (Energy Disperse Spectroscopy), US Hotspot Spectrograph, Oil analyzer, mechanical properties detector, metallographic microscope, atomic absorption analyzer, chromatographic instrument, etc.


Technical Parameter

Product Name

Aluminum plate for LNG storage tank





Order Ability

8-5000 tons

Service Features

Original warranty,20-25 days delivery, global export

Application field

Ship plate, LNG storage tank, gas storage cylinder, GIS housing, car body skin, flange material, etc.

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