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Product Brief

Moulding aluminum plate type refers to the use of aluminum alloy processing board material, moulding aluminum processing way belongs to the rolling processing, generally USES two ways: hot rolling and cast rolling, the main difference is whether can be anodized.

The difference use of hot rolling and cast rolling aluminum plate
Cast rolling moulding aluminum plate is used in the mold, and hot rolling moulding aluminum plate is suitable for stamping drawing. The physical properties of the same material vary greatly due to different manufacturing processes.



The feature of moulding aluminum plate
1. Customize is accepted
2. Surface polishing treatment
3. Accurate thickness tolerance
4. Anti-corrosion, good oxidation resistance and durability.
5. Good processing, no deformation after high speed machining.
6. Homogeneous material, unique grain refining process, no horizontal lines, bubbles, impurities.

Technical Parameter

Alloy Temper Specification
5052,5083, 5086,6061, 7075,7475 H111, H112,H116, T4, T6, T651 Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length (mm)
6-600 500-3500 1000-6000
The special size can be customized

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