Ultra-wide aluminum plate
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Product Brief

The international standard width of the board is 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm. We usually define the aluminum plate with a width of 1500mm or more as an ultra-wide aluminum plate. The hot-rolled aluminum plate produced by the famous aluminum industry is 0.8mm thin and the finished product width can reach 2650mm.


The ultra-wide aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum not only has better plate shape, smoother surface, smaller thickness tolerance, deep drawing and oxidation effect. After testing, all indicators are far superior to the national standard.


The ultra-wide aluminum sheets produced by Mingtai Aluminum are widely used in wide curtain wall panels, automobiles, ships, busbars, silos, fuel tanks, antenna pots, LNG storage tanks, aluminum caps and molds.


Why Choose Mingtai, As Your Source for Ultra-wide aluminum plate Suppliers?


1) More Than 20 Years Experience in Manufacturer, Stock&Supply of 1100 Aluminum Coils

2) Best Price for Ultra-wide aluminum plate - Supplied Worldwide with Shortest Delivery Time

3) Exporting ASTM, EN Standard Compliant Ultra-wide aluminum plate is Our Specialty

4) We Can Handle the Logistics for You -  We can offer Exworks, FOB, CFR,CIF Delivery to Any Port.

5) Documents We Provide Include- Certificate of Origin, Invoice& PL Attested by Chamber of Commerce, Test  Certificate as per ENIO 204 3 1. Other Testing Reports, as many be Required by Our Customers.

6) Complete Traceability for Ultra-wide aluminum plate  - There will be Complete Marketing on Aluminum Coils, and the Details can be co-related to the Test Certificates.

Technical Parameter


Ultra-wide aluminum plate





Order Ability

8-5000 tons

Service Features

Original warranty,20-25 days delivery, global export

Application field

Extra wide curtain wall panels, cars, ships, LNG storage tanks

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