1050 aluminum coil usage and application in the market

The 1050 aluminum coil is classified within the pure aluminum coil series, specifically as part of the 1 series products. With an aluminum content of 99.50%, it earns its designation as a pure aluminum coil. Notably, the 1050 aluminum coil shares similar chemical composition and mechanical properties with the 1060 aluminum coil.

The 1050 aluminum coil boasts remarkable attributes such as exceptional plasticity, corrosion resistance, and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. However, its strength is relatively low, as it cannot be strengthened through heat treatment. Machining 1050 aluminum can be challenging due to its poor machinability, yet it is suitable for contact welding and gas welding.

In adherence to international brand naming standards, 1050 aluminum must contain over 99.5% aluminum content to meet qualification criteria. Its simplicity in production processes and lack of additional technical elements contribute to its affordability, making it a prevalent choice in conventional industries.

Four leading application areas of 1050 aluminum coils
(1) Lamp stamping field
In the realm of lamp stamping, the future is bright and promising. The vast market for 1050 aluminum coils in the lighting industry speaks volumes about their potential. As the pursuit of lightweight solutions becomes increasingly important in lighting product design, the dominance of 1050 aluminum coils in lamp stamping is inevitable. It’s clear that these coils will play a central and commanding role in shaping the future of lighting technology.

(2) Radiator Sheet Applications:
While many are aware of the lightweight and excellent electrical conductivity of 1050 aluminum plates, its versatile properties extend beyond these well-known attributes. One often overlooked application is in the field of heat dissipation and transfer. 1050 aluminum coils, for instance, prove highly beneficial in heat sink applications, effectively aiding in the dissipation and conduction of heat. Leveraging 1050 aluminum coils for heat sink purposes presents a promising avenue for future industry advancements, promising enhanced efficiency and performance in heat management solutions.

(3) Application in Traffic Signage
Some may question the suitability of 1050 aluminum coils for traffic signs, given the prevalent use of 1060 aluminum coils in this field. However, many professionals opt for 1050 aluminum coils due to their similar properties to 1060 aluminum coils. Both 1050 and 1060 aluminum coils are categorized under the pure aluminum coil series, and their alloys are essentially identical. Thus, 1050 aluminum coils are a viable option for traffic sign production.

(4) Export Industry Insights:
It’s essential to highlight the export trade sector, as it presents significant opportunities for everyone to explore. Based on comprehensive data analysis within the aluminum sheet and coil industry, the export sector for 1050 aluminum coils comprises approximately 49.29% of the total aluminum coil exports. This statistic underscores the promising future and widespread applicability of 1050 aluminum coils in the global market.

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