3003 Aluminum Plate for EV Battery Enclosure

There are various options for materials used in lithium battery casings, and currently, aluminum alloy materials are widely used. The aluminum sheet for EV batteries is a battery casing made of aluminum alloy material. It is primarily used in lithium battery packs. The reason for using aluminum shell packaging is that it is lightweight and provides enhanced safety.

The material commonly chosen for the external aluminum shell of lithium batteries is aluminum-manganese alloy. It has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and can undergo heat treatment. This greatly improves the service life of the lithium battery casing.

Specifications of 3003 Aluminum Plate Alloy for EV Battery Enclosure

● Alloy Condition: H14

● Thickness Range: 0.8-3.0mm

● Width Range: 100-2600mm

Excellent Performance of 3003 Aluminum Plate for EV Battery Enclosure

● Lightweight and excellent processability, with good forming performance.

● Excellent strength and stiffness, high impact resistance, ensuring high safety performance.

● Good corrosion resistance, with excellent resistance to impact, stamping, and stretching, reducing the risk of cracking.

● Energy-saving and emission reduction, high recyclability and reuse value.

3003 Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer for EV Battery Enclosure 

With the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles, the market has higher safety requirements for new energy batteries. The 3003 aluminum alloy used in the production of new energy power battery casings by Mingtai Aluminum ensures stable and safe performance. Our company has long-term deep cooperation with universities and research institutions, attracts advanced technical talents, and has established a product research institute. We actively improve our product structure, optimize product performance, and enhance product quality.

As a leading aluminum processing enterprise, Mingtai Aluminum takes the lead in innovation, environmental protection, and low carbon development. We have introduced a series of green new aluminum sheets for EV power batteries, including battery separators, battery side plates, battery boxes, battery shells, battery trays, composite aluminum plates for brazing, battery liquid cooling plates/water cooling plates, and other new products. Emphasizing green development, we will continue to uphold the development concept of “innovation, green, wisdom, and openness” and strive to be innovators and demonstrators in energy-saving and carbon reduction endeavors.

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