Mingtai Aluminum’s environmentally friendly 3003 aluminum plate for power battery shell material

3003 aluminum plate from Mingtai Aluminum is a widely used type of rust-proof aluminum plate. The strength of the 3003 alloy aluminum plate is not high (slightly higher than industrial pure aluminum), and it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Therefore, cold working methods are used to improve its mechanical properties. It has high plasticity in the annealed state, good plasticity in the semi-cold work hardening state, low plasticity in the cold work hardening state, good corrosion resistance, and good weldability. Mingtai 3003 aluminum plate is used in various applications such as blinds, lamp cap materials, ultra-wide curtain walls, and power battery casings. Here, Mingtai will talk about the advantages of aluminum power battery casings.

⒈ Reducing the weight of electric vehicle body
The use of 3003 aluminum alloy plate for power battery casing can reduce the weight of the vehicle, enabling the vehicle to achieve better power performance and lower fuel consumption. Additionally, aluminum alloy is a material that is easy to recycle and reuse, making maintenance more convenient and environmentally friendly.

⒉ More durable
Aluminum alloy and cast iron have their own different characteristics, with cast iron being more solid, durable, and capable of producing higher power. On the other hand, using aluminum alloy as the power battery casing is lighter and has a lower cost. One thing that can be certain is that the future development trend of the automotive industry will see a wider and increasing application of aluminum, as this metal has abundant mineral resources and is easier to recycle.

⒊ Good corrosion resistance
Aluminum can naturally produce a dense and firm protective AL2O3 film on its surface, which can effectively protect the substrate from corrosion. The power battery casing can be made of casting aluminum alloy or deformable aluminum alloy with good casting or processing properties, achieved through artificial anodizing and coloring.

⒋ Good conductivity
Aluminum is a good conductor material and can be used as a material for battery casing. The power battery requires efficient power transmission, and using aluminum alloy as the casing can ensure high-efficiency transmission and stability of electricity.

⒌ Easy to process and form
Aluminum alloy material is easy to process and form, meeting the requirements of complex shapes for the power battery casing. Additionally, its mechanical properties can be improved through cold and hot processing methods to provide better strength and rigidity.

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