Aluminum Brazing Water Cooling Sheets/Plates


Application: Water-cooled plate for power battery of new energy vehicles

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3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate

The water-cooled plate is an important component of the thermal management system in new energy vehicles, typically used in load-bearing and corrosion-resistant environments. Therefore, when selecting materials for manufacturing water-cooled plates, it is necessary to consider the strength and corrosion resistance of the materials. Aluminum brazing composite materials are generally used for automotive water-cooled plates, and the process mainly includes raw material stamping-cleaning-coating flux-riveting-brazing-testing-sealing, and other procedures. To ensure the stamping and stretching requirements of the water-cooled plate, the material used must have good tensile ability.

Composite plate for automotive water-cooled plate_aluminum brazing composite material:
3003: 3003+4045 4045+3003+4045
3003mod: 3003mod+4343 4343+3003mod+4343

Water cooling plate, water cooling plate, or liquid cooling plate.

It is a product component of water-cooled radiator.
The 3003 aluminum plate has excellent performance and is widely used as a material for automotive water-cooled plates. The battery cooling system of new energy vehicles mainly includes important components such as batteries, battery coolers, and water-cooled plates, which are important components of the thermal management system of new energy vehicles. The water-cooled plate is usually placed below the battery module of the car. The components of the water-cooled plate for new energy vehicles are used in environments and conditions that require load-bearing and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to develop high-strength and high-corrosion-resistant brazing composite materials to meet different water-cooled plate design and application requirements.

With the country's strong development of new energy vehicles, the demand for water-cooled plates will continue to rise, and the market demand for brazing composite materials using 3003 aluminum plates will also continue to rise. The main alloy element of 3003 aluminum plate is manganese, and the strength of 3003 aluminum plate alloy increases with the increase of manganese content. This material has good formability, corrosion resistance, and weldability. Mingtai Aluminum provides aluminum plates in various thickness states: 0.2-500mm, width 100-2500mm, and can be customized according to customer needs.

Strength of aluminum plate for water cooling plate

  • 1 Light weight: Aluminum alloy has the advantages of low density, high specific strength, and easy processing and forming. It is an ideal lightweight material for automobiles
  • 2 Easy to process: it has good welding performance and is easy to process and shape;
  • 3Good consistency: stable performance, high elongation, easy stamping, strong welding performance;
  • 4 Excellent corrosion resistance: 3003 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-manganese alloy series, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate, which still has good anti-rust ability in humid environment.
  • 5 Good stamping and tensile properties: 3003-O aluminum plate is soft in material, high in plasticity, easy to punch and stretch, and meets conventional processing requirements.
  • 6 Renewable utilization: Aluminum alloy materials have a high recyclability and reuse rate, and are green and environmentally friendly.

Technical Parameter of Mingtai Al. 3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate

Alloy 3003
Temper O、H14
Thickness(mm) 0.8-3
Width(mm) 100-2650
Length(mm) C

Aluminum products of Mingtai aluminum plate for water cooling plate

  • Plastic movies and brown paper can be protected to customers’ needs. Also, a timber case or timber pallet is adopted to shield products from harm for the duration of the delivery.
  • There are styles of packaging, which are eye-to-wall or eye to the sky. Customers can choose either of them for their convenience.

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