3003 H14/H24 aluminum sheet for curtain wall 

Modern curtain wall panel selections often favor aluminum alloy panels due to their exceptional material properties and cost-effective performance. These panels offer a viable alternative to traditional stone and glass curtain walls. A variety of aluminum alloy panels are commonly utilized, including 1060 and 1100 aluminum sheets from the 1-series, 3003 sheets from the 3-series, and 5005 and 5052 sheets from the 5-series. The selection of alloy type depends on the specific application and budget considerations. Today, I will introduce you to the 3003 curtain wall aluminum panels.

As the most widely used rust-resistant aluminum, 3003 aluminum sheet stands out as a preferred material for outdoor curtain walls. It offers superior strength and surface smoothness compared to 1-series aluminum alloys, while being significantly more cost-effective than 5-series aluminum alloys. Although it may not be as suitable as 5052 aluminum sheet for marine applications, its corrosion resistance is ample for general outdoor curtain wall use cases.

Specification of 3003 H14/H24 aluminum sheet for curtain wall  

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
3003 H14、H26 1.5-4.0 20-2000 500-16000
Application Curtain wall aluminum panels, aluminum veneers, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, etc.

3003 aluminum sheets are widely employed in curtain wall construction, primarily in two distinct temper states: 3003 H14 and 3003 H24. The “H” designation signifies the cold work hardening condition, while the subsequent numbers indicate different degrees and types of cold work hardening. Specifically, H14 represents a state of pure work hardening, referring to the final cold-rolled product without any additional heat treatment. This state offers relatively high hardness, strength, and tensile strength, but with lower ductility.

On the other hand, H24 indicates a state of work hardening followed by incomplete annealing. The final step in the product’s processing involves heat treatment, resulting in a product that exhibits low hardness and high tensile strength.

When it comes to 3003 aluminum sheets, 3003 H14 typically indicates a tensile strength greater than 140MPa, while 3003 H24 represents a product with a strength greater than 240MPa. These distinct properties allow for flexible use cases depending on the specific requirements of the curtain wall application.

Mechanical Properties of 3003 H14/H24 aluminum sheet for curtain wall



Tensile StrengthRm/Mpa Yield strengthRp0.2/Mpa Elongation% Bending radius
90° 180°
3003 H14 0.2-6.0 145-195 ≥125 2-4 0.5t-2.0t 2.0t
3003 H24 0.2-6.0 145-195 ≥115 4-6 0.5t-2.0t 1.5t

As a leading manufacturer of aluminum sheets, Mingtai Aluminum offers a comprehensive range of 3003 aluminum sheets suitable for curtain walls, available in various states and sizes. Conventional thicknesses include 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.0mm. These sheets are renowned for their lightweight, corrosion-resistant properties and ease of processing, making them environmentally friendly and highly versatile. The products can be utilized to fabricate a diverse array of curtain wall components, including aluminum panels, veneers, aluminum-plastic composite panels, and aluminum honeycomb panels, among others.

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