3004 Aluminum Coil


Application:automobile heat shield,mechanical components, refrigerators, fuel tank, or signage, cosmetic bottle cap, pressure vessels, battery cover plate,Cell phone battery shell material and so on

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1060 Aluminum Coil Metal Description:

1060 aluminum for the industrial aluminum, aluminum content (mass fraction) of 99.60%, not heat treatment to strengthen.

The shear strength of 1060 aluminum coil is similar to that of 1050 aluminum coil, but the fatigue strength is better than 1050, and the hardness is also better than 1050 aluminum coil.

Strong weldability, can accept gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding and wire welding, and has brazeability.

Strength of Mingtai Aluminum Production 1060 Aluminum Coil

  • 1 More Than 20 Years Experience in Manufacturer, Stock&Supply of 1060 Aluminum Coils
  • 2 Best Price for Alloy 1060 Aluminum Coils - Supplied Worldwide with Shortest Delivery Time
  • 3 Exporting ASTM, EN Standard Compliant Aluminum 1060 Coils is Our Specialty
  • 4 Complete Traceability for Aluminum 1060 Coils - There will be Complete Marketing on Aluminum Coils, and the Details can be co-related to the Test Certificates.
  • 5 Monthly output can be up to 4000 tons.

Technical Parameter of Mingtai Al. 1060 Aluminum Coil













  • Q: Do you provide free samples?
    A: Yes, free samples will be sent to you on freight at destination.
  • Q:how many tons one 20GP or 40GP could load?
    A: One 20GP could load about 20tons, And 40GP load about 24tons.
    It depends on the different specification.
  • Q: What is the MOQ?
    A: 10 tons
  • Maybe you will concern:
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C.
    Terms of Trade: FOB, CFR, CIF

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