3004 aluminum foil for lunch box price

In recent years, with the prominent environmental issues of takeout and the upgrading of people’s consumption, aluminum foil lunch boxes have rapidly developed. Compared with plastic lunch boxes, they have the characteristics of environmental protection, hygiene, good sealing, heat preservation and freshness preservation, and can be recycled and reused. They are widely used in the catering and takeout fields.

Aluminum foil lunch boxes are commonly made of 3004, 3003, or 8011 aluminum foil. In the early days, aluminum foil lunch boxes mostly used 3003 alloy, which was often used as a high-end product for aircraft lunch boxes. While ordinary takeout food containers mostly use 3004 aluminum foil or 8011 aluminum foil. 3004 container foil is popular in recent years. It is processed from recycled aluminum ingots. The aluminum foil lunch boxes produced with 3004 alloy not only ensure the low price of 8011 alloy, but also ensure the high strength characteristics of 3003 alloy. Moreover, its strength is higher than that of 3003 alloy. It can be said to have both the price advantage of 8011 and the strength advantage of 3003.

The 3004 aluminum foil used for food containers has excellent formability, which ensures that the aluminum foil food container will not break even if it is impacted during transportation, even if there are wrinkles, bumps, and other phenomena. In addition, aluminum foil also has good thermal stability, and its molecular structure can remain stable in an environment ranging from minus 20 degrees to 250 degrees. Its use temperature can range from quick-frozen to extreme barbecue, and the aluminum foil food container can always maintain its shape, not break, not degenerate, and also not produce any toxic substances.

It is precisely because aluminum foil lunch boxes have many of the above advantages that they have gradually become widely used in daily life. Mingtai Aluminum can provide 3004 aluminum foil for lunch boxes, customized according to your needs, with a high emphasis on food safety and strict adherence to national standards.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum 3004 container foil has passed several tests to ensure that the produced lunch boxes are clean and hygienic, without harmful substances. The company adopts a direct sales model to save costs for users. If necessary, please consult +8617760728273

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