3104-H19 aluminum sheet for can lids manufacturer

As people’s living standards continue to improve, food packaging becomes more diversified, and the requirements for food safety and hygiene are constantly increasing. Therefore, there is a growing demand for the use of metal cans. Aluminum alloy cans are being increasingly used in households due to their high cleanliness, safety, and hygiene. In this article, let’s specifically learn about the relevant information of 3104-H19 aluminum sheet for can lids.

What requirements does the aluminum alloy sheet for beverage cans ?

beverage cans have relatively high dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements for aluminum alloy sheets. The thickness tolerance is within ±0.005 millimeters, and the width deviation is within +1.0-0. There are certain requirements for the formability, corrosion resistance, and strength of the alloy.

Parameter information of 3104-H19 aluminum sheet for can lids:

◆ Thickness (mm): 0.208-0.360

◆ Width (mm): 100-2650

◆ Length (mm): 500-16000

◆ Temper:F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114.

Performance characteristics of 3104-H19 aluminum sheet for can lid material

◆ The 3104 aluminum alloy has high strength and excellent elongation.

◆ It has good deep-drawing performance and corrosion resistance.

◆ It has good processing performance, including weldability and excellent formability.

◆ The density is low, it is lightweight, and it has high recycling value, making it widely used in food can body, can lid, and can bottom material applications.

Price of 3104-H19 aluminum sheet for can lid from Mingtai Aluminum

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry is a company focusing on aluminum processing for over 20 years, with five production bases and an annual production capacity of one million tons. The delivery time ranges from 7 to 35 days. The 3104-H19 aluminum sheet for can lids is one of the popular products offered by Mingtai. Feedback from cooperative users indicates that this 3104 deep-drawing aluminum sheet has stable and reliable performance, exquisite craftsmanship, excellent profile, surface, controlled thickness, and mechanical properties. It exhibits good formability and strength, leading to its increasing usage in the market.

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