3105 Aluminum Coil


Application: color coated aluminum coil substrate, lamp cap material, blinds, bottle cap material, cake tray

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Aluminum Coil manufacturer - 3105 Aluminum Coil

3105 aluminum coil belongs to the aluminum-manganese alloy series. The aluminum content is 98%. The conductivity of 3105 aluminum alloy is very good. The conductivity can reach 41%.

3105 alloy aluminum coil cannot be hardened by heat treatment. Need to use cold working methods to improve its mechanical properties. Its corrosion resistance, formability and welding characteristics are excellent. 3000 series aluminum metal is 20% stronger than 1000 series metal.

Strength of Mingtai Aluminum Production 3105 Aluminum Coil Stock Supplier & Slitter

3105 aluminum plate is added with Mg, Mn, and Si. They have excellent correction resistance, formability and welding characteristics.

1.Deep drawability. The deep drawing performance of 3105 aluminum alloy in the O state is better than that of the H26 state. The deep drawing performance before cryogenic treatment is better than that after 24h.

2. Plasticity. 3105 aluminum alloy has high plasticity in the annealed state. Semi-cold work hardening plasticity is good, cold work hardening plasticity is low. Machinability is poor.

3. Solderability. 3105 aluminum alloy has excellent weldability. Suitable for all existing welding techniques. Among them, arc welding is the best method.

4. Cold workability. Even under cold tempering conditions, the cold workability of 3105 aluminum alloy is very good. For all tempers, the bending radius of aluminum 3105 plates that are no more than 1/16 inch thick can be between 1/2 and 1.

Technical Parameter of Specifications Of Alloy Aluminum Coil 3105











Is 3105 Aluminum Bendable?

For annealed H12, H14, and H16 tempers, a bend radius in the thickness range of 1 to 2 t is recommended. H18 tempering should use a bend radius of 2 to 7 t.

What Is The Difference Between 3105 H24 And 3003H14?

The differences between 303H14 and 3105 H24 are as follows:

● One of these is Brinell hardness; 3003 H14 has 42 BHN and 3105 H24 has 47 BHN.

● Another difference is fatigue strength; 3003 H14 is only 60 MPa, while 3105 H24 is 74 MPa

● In the alloy composition, 3003 H14 contains more magnesium than 3105 H24. But 3105 H24 contains a small amount of titanium, chromium and copper that 3003 H14 does not have.

3105 Aluminum Coil versus 3003 Aluminum Coil

3105 aluminum coil is an excellent choice for many applications. It has a higher strength than the 3003 aluminum coil, meaning that it can be used in applications that require more rigidity or resistance to impact damage.

It also has a lower density than the 3003 aluminum coil, meaning it is lighter and easier to transport. Finally, the 3105 aluminum coil has a lower thermal conductivity than the 3003 aluminum coil, making it better suited to applications where heat transfer is an issue (such as in electronic equipment).

Application of 3105 Aluminium Coil :

For all the features above, 3105 aluminum coil has a vast application in many fields.Aluminum 3105 alloy is used in sheet metal work. It is also used in manufacturing mobile homes, residential siding, rain-carrying goods, residential siding, and sign making.

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