Philippines Successfully Procures 18 Tons of 5052 Aluminum Sheets from Mingtai Aluminum

Manila, Philippines – Mingtai Aluminum, one of the leading suppliers of aluminum products in the Philippines, has recently announced a successful agreement with a significant client in the country, providing them with 18 tons of high-quality 5052 aluminum sheets.

Customer Demand Information:
I am looking for Aluminum A5052-0 1.00 thickness, A5052-0 1.00 x 1142 x C With surface protection film, Let me know your Minimum Order Quantity and CIF Manila Port, let’s start 1st with the MOQ if the price is right, can you share sample inspection certificate? We are in the process of increasing share to our customers and we are checking if we can supply their requirements. I have been looking for a supplier of aluminum and found out your website. We are looking for a quality product yet with a competitive price. Item no.1 we’ve never bought as this is a new item which we are developing Item no.2 we have a history of using aluminum from China but we stop buying because we couldn’t compete with the existing supplier of our customer. Appreciate it if you can provide an official offer for the above two inquiries. Please send Inspection Certificate.

The client in the Philippines is a prominent construction company, specializing in the development of high-quality building projects. The recently procured 18 tons of 5052 aluminum sheets will be utilized for an important upcoming construction project. The aluminum sheets will be used to construct structurally robust, durable, and environmentally friendly building facades, as well as protective coatings.

Mingtai Aluminum ensured timely delivery by leveraging its outstanding production capabilities and efficient supply chain management to meet the client’s requirements. The successful completion of this procurement order showcases Mingtai Aluminum’s leading position in the aluminum industry and further strengthens its influence in the Philippine market.

About Mingtai Aluminum:
Founded in 1997, Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum material manufacturer based in Zhengzhou, China. The company boasts advanced production equipment and a skilled technical team, certified by the ISO 9001 international quality management system. Mingtai Aluminum’s products are exported to global markets and have gained significant trust and recognition in the international aluminum industry.

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