Aluminum honeycomb core manufacturer with 5052 aluminum foil

5052 aluminum foil, as a member of the 5-series alloy aluminum foil products, has been widely used in multiple fields due to its unique advantages. It has a small density, high strength, and good formability and corrosion resistance, making it popular in areas such as honeycomb materials, door panel materials, lunch box materials, and sound materials. So, what are the specific product advantages of using 5052 aluminum foil for aluminum honeycomb cores? And what is its market price? Next, let’s explore these questions together to better understand the characteristics and value of this material.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core Processing Advantages of 5052 Aluminum Foil Substrate Products
◆ Honeycomb aluminum foil has been widely adopted in the exterior wall decoration of high-rise buildings due to its light weight, strength, and strong rigidity.
◆ The low density and light weight characteristics of 5052 honeycomb core aluminum foil significantly reduce the building load, thereby reducing construction costs.
◆ The middle layer of honeycomb aluminum foil is rich in air, which can effectively soundproof, heat-insulate, waterproof, moisture-proof, and insulate, and does not release harmful gases.
◆ The unit mass-to-strength ratio of honeycomb aluminum foil is high, the stiffness is high, it is not easy to deform, and its surface flatness is extremely high, so it has good seismic performance.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core Manufacturer Using 5052 Aluminum Foil

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry, as a listed aluminum foil manufacturer, produces hexagonal aluminum honeycomb cores refined from 5052 aluminum foil, with stable and reliable quality. We undertake orders for 3-2000 tons of honeycomb aluminum foil, with raw materials including 3003 aluminum foil and 5052 aluminum foil, and we offer competitive prices for global exports. Rest assured in your purchase, as we can meet all your needs!

The 5052 aluminum foil substrate created by Mingtai Aluminum has a thickness ranging from 0.016 to 0.2mm, with stable and reliable product performance. This material boasts excellent degreasing effects, minimal porosity, superior flatness, resistance to deformation during cutting, and outstanding rust resistance, among other advantages. As a result, it finds wide applications in door panels, container foils, meal box materials, honeycomb materials, and various other fields.

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