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The benefits of an automotive underbody shield are mainly to prevent stones and debris on the road from causing damage to the engine. As for the material selection for the underbody shield, metal materials are mostly used. Currently, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry has received a lot of orders for automotive underbody protection plates, and they offer a variety of specifications for 5083-O aluminum plates that are used for automotive chassis protection plates, engine underbody shields, and other types of automotive underbody shields. Here is more information on the product details.

Specification of aluminum plate for automotive chassis

Alloy grade: 5083

Temper: HO

Product specifications: 5.0*1290 (can be customized according to specific needs)

The advantages of using the 5083-O aluminum plate for automotive underbody shields:

1.Light weight, high strength, and good forming performance. It can also use a more beautiful powder coating process, with a smooth surface and long-lasting new appearance, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

2.Good mechanical and tensile properties, as well as strong impact resistance.

3.The aluminum alloy shield has extremely strong corrosion resistance. Even if the surface is scratched, it is not easy to produce corrosion or corrosion spreading, providing more comprehensive vehicle body protection.

4. High comfort and safety, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, high recycling rate, and cost-saving.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry is a large automotive aluminum plate supplier

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