5083 aluminum for NEVs’ battery separator (side plate)

The battery pack is the core energy source for new energy vehicles, providing the driving electrical power for the entire vehicle. It is mainly composed of a housing that encloses the battery modules and plays a crucial role in the safety and protection of the battery pack. The design of its appearance is primarily based on the comprehensive considerations of materials, corrosion resistance, and other factors.

5083 aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance and is durable. It plays a significant role in the lightweighting of the transportation industry. In this article, we will delve into the detailed information about the use of 5083 aluminum plate for New Energy Battery side plate.

5083 aluminum for NEVs’ battery separator (side plate) has great advanatges:

◆ Neat edges with no burrs, cracks, rust, waves, scratches, or other defects and damages.

◆ Good weldability, low density, high strength, and durability.

◆ Excellent resistance to vibration and impact, lightweight, and high recyclability.

price of 5083 aluminum for NEVs’ battery separator (side plate)

For the price of 5083 aluminum plates for New Energy Battery Side Panels, the market offers various quotations due to different production and processing schemes. The specific demands and selected product specifications influence the chosen processing and production scheme, leading to varying prices.

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