5182 h111 aluminum sheet for oil tanker car

Oil is a flammable and explosive dangerous goods, so safety is an important indicator to consider the body material of oil tank cars. Compared with traditional carbon steel, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics, and other materials, tankers made of aluminum alloy are more advantageous. 5182 h111 aluminum sheet has a high corrosion resistance and is very suitable for tanker materials.

5182 h111 aluminum sheet plate has good plasticity, can absorb the energy generated by the collision through deformation, and will not suddenly tear, in addition to the aluminum alloy tanker center of gravity is low so easy to brake, more secure, and aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity , static electricity is not easy to accumulate, will not produce sparks, can effectively eliminate hidden dangers.

In addition to the safety factor, the weight of the aluminum tanker body is lighter, and the use of aluminum alloy tank can reduce the weight of the vehicle by more than 4 tons and increase the volume by more than 20%. Therefore, to reduce the weight of the vehicle body and increase the payload, transporting the same amount of cargo can allow the vehicle to transport a few flights less, thereby reducing fuel consumption and improving the return on investment.

The use of aluminum alloy cans materials is not without any requirements, too thin will lead to weakened corrosion resistance and impact resistance, there is a hidden danger; and the tank material is too thick will lead to increased weight of the tanker, increased fuel consumption, while the tank The net volume is reduced, and the price of the tanker is relatively increased. In addition, aluminum alloy tank trucks also have strict requirements on the hardness, plasticity, and sealing of the tank. We have a 3m 3 1+1 hot rolling, the widest plate width can be achieved 2700MM, not only greatly reduced the aluminum alloy tanker weld, increased its own strength, while allowing the body to be more beautiful and more secure.

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