6005 aluminum sheet on railway vehicles

6005-t5-t6-T651 aluminum sheet is one of our products. The main materials used in the manufacture of railway vehicles are copper-containing wear-resistant steel, stainless steel and various aluminum alloys (such as 7075 aluminum plate, 6005 aluminum plate) and other materials.

Analysis of technical characteristics of 6005 aluminum sheet

For railway vehicles, especially high-speed passenger cars and subway trains, light rail vehicles and double-decker buses, the materials selected should meet the following requirements: Minimize self-weight, can withstand the tensile, compression, bending, vertical load and accidental impact, collision and other forces specified by the standard; seismic, fire and arc resistance; wear resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing and maintenance; . The 6005 aluminum sheet is one of the most promising and ideal high-speed and double-decker passenger cars.

The density of aluminum alloy is only equivalent to 1/3 of steel. Under the same conditions, compared with the copper-containing wear-resistant steel body structure, the quality of the stainless steel body can be reduced by about 15%, and the quality of the aluminum alloy body can be reduced by more than 35%. Due to the reduced quality, the aluminum alloy body can increase the traffic by 10% and the energy saving by 9.6%-12.5% under the same traction conditions. This advantage is particularly prominent for suburban passenger transportation, because the bus stops in the suburbs are frequently started, and the peak energy consumption in the morning and evening passenger traffic is quite large. In addition, in the same situation of traction power, the train group can be lengthened without additional trains. For high-speed passenger cars and double-decker buses, the reduction of self-weight can greatly reduce the running resistance. Therefore, the weight reduction of trains is one of the keys to the development of high-speed trains and double-decker buses. The most effective way is to use as many aluminum alloys as possible. Car body material to increase the proportion of aluminum used in vehicles.

6005 aluminum sheet fire and arc resistance

Although the melting point of aluminum (660 ° C) is much lower than the melting point of steel (1530 ° C), the refractory and arc-resistant properties of steel and aluminum alloy structural bodies do not depend entirely on the melting point of the material, but are related to properties such as thermal conductivity. Since aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, its heat dissipation is better than steel.

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