Aluminum Cap Material for Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a necessary product in everyone’s daily life. They are used to enhance appearance, maintain skin health, and provide other benefits. One of the most common types of cosmetics is makeup, which includes powders, creams, liquids, and other forms. These products need to be packaged in containers that protect their contents and maintain their freshness. Aluminum cap material is one of the most commonly used materials for cosmetics packaging.

Aluminum cap is a new type of bottle cap closure material. It is both beautiful and functional, which prevent counterfeit goods. Therefore, aluminum cap material has been widely used at home and abroad for the cap closure of beverage bottles, wine bottles, cosmetic bottles and medicine bottles.

Aluminum strips for making cosmetic bottle caps are easy to process and owns silvery luster. The aluminum strips for cosmetics are usually 8011 aluminum strip and 1060 aluminum strip. Their thickness is between 0.17 mm-0.5mm.

As bottle cap material, 1060 aluminum strip adopt the processing way of aluminum-plastic combination. Because the aluminum-plastic combination part will contact the liquid in the bottle, most of it is used in the cosmetics industry, and some are also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

8011aluminum bottle cap material is of good sealing, easy opening, anti-counterfeiting and shinning luster. The demand for 8011 aluminum strip has been growing. 8011 aluminum strip is processed into cosmetics bottle caps by direct stamping.

Mingtai owns “1+4” hot continuous rolling production line and advanced control system, which greatly improve the product quality. Its aluminum strips are the best choice for the production of aluminum caps.

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