Aluminum Foil For Transformer

Thickness: 0.2-3.5mm

Application: Transformer winding

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Aluminum Foil for Transformer Winding in China

1060 and 1070 aluminum foil for transformer winding have very high conductivity and thermal conductivity, their conductivity is up to about 60%IACS, and forming, welding, and corrosion resistance are very good, so it can well meet the performance requirements of aluminum foil for transformer.
Mingtai transformer aluminum foil can be used for variable transformers like low or high-voltage transformer winding, high-frequency transformers, step-up or down-voltage transformers, etc. The alloy can be used to meet the minimum industry requirements for strip conductors, is closely controlled to assure smooth, substantially burr-free edges and strip-size avail-abilities are in capacities exactly equivalent to those of standard copper wire sizes.

Advantage of Mingtai's Aluminum Foil for Transformer Winding

  • 1High conductivity. The transformer aluminum strip is made of high-quality pure aluminum, which has the characteristics of high conductivity.
  • 2The edges are smooth without burrs. The aluminum strip of the transformer has been especially edge treated, and the edges are smooth without burrs.
  • 3High aluminum purity. The transformer aluminum strip is made of high-purity aluminum, and the aluminum content can reach above 99.6%. It has better conductivity than other series of aluminum strips.
  • 4Good surface processing, uniform texture, clean and free from defects. The aluminum strip surface of the transformer is a rolled surface, which is well processed, uniform in texture, and free of scratches, metal and non-metallic inclusions, oil stains, local deformation, and other defects.
  • 5has high tensile strength and elongation.

Technical Parameter of Mingtai Aluminum Foil for Transformer Winding

Alloy 1050 1060 1070 1350
Temper O
Thickness(mm) 0.2-3.5mm
Width(mm) 20-1350mm
Surface treatment Mill Finish

Common issue

◆Comparison with copper strip

Aluminum coil winding transformers are becoming more and more popular. The aluminum strip of transformer is also used more and more on the transformer, and has been tested in practice. Compared with transformer copper strip, transformer aluminum strip winding has the following advantages:

● Low price: compared with copper strip, aluminum strip of transformer is much cheaper, which is the biggest advantage of aluminum foil strip of transformer.

● Light weight: The aluminum foil used for transformer has excellent flexibility, and can be made with a thickness of 0.08mm or less.

● Small size: the conductivity of aluminum foil for transformer winding is up to 61%, while that of pure copper is only 58%. Aluminum foil with the same section is thinner than copper foil, which can reduce the thickness and volume of transformer winding.

● High stability: the surface oxide film is easy to remove. The insulation strength is not affected when winding. The elongation is high, and it can be stretched for 2 mm without breaking.

● Easy winding: it has the excellent plasticity and can be made into various shapes. Good adhesion between layers, is conducive to forming good coils through adhesive tape or backing paper.

● Produce, inspect, transport, install, maintain and use according to certain standards. Both copper winding and aluminum winding transformers are safe and reliable.

◆Production process of transformer winding

1. Raw materials are furnace heating to remove impurities;

2. Cut into plates;

3. Put the plate into the cold rolling mill for rough rolling;

4. Put it into the hot rolling mill for finishing;;

5. Annealing;

6. Plate shears;

7. Packaging and transportation.

◆HS code for transformer winding

HS Code: 76069100.00

◆Hardness of aluminum foil for transformer winding

The typical Brinell hardness of the strip must be determined after annealing (Typical value of Brinell hardness: 18HB).

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