Aluminum Sheet Plate For Heat Sink


Application:Heat sink

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What Is An Aluminum Plate Heat Sink?

Most of the aluminum plate heat sinks are made of formed aluminum profiles as raw materials, deformed by an extrusion process, and then cast by welding, spraying, and other processes.

Is Aluminum Sheet Good For Heat Sink?

Common heat sink boards are copper and aluminum, as well as copper-aluminum composite boards. Although copper plate has good thermal conductivity, it is expensive, soft, heavy, and easy to oxidize. Therefore, the aluminum plate is the preferred material for heat sinks, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple. Custom aluminum profiles are ideal for most heat sink applications and are the material of choice for heat sinks, offering significant price and processing advantages.

What Type Of Aluminum Is Used For Heat Sinks

Both copper and aluminum plates can be used as raw materials for heat sinks, and copper has very high thermal conductivity. However, the processing technology and price of copper are relatively high.

The most common radiator material is the aluminum alloy in the 6000 series, its high machinability and excellent plasticity make it possible to manufacture profile radiators by extrusion process. Mainly 6060 aluminum sheet, 6061 aluminum sheet, and 6063 alloys and pure aluminum. Pure aluminum plate radiator has an excellent radiator effect, the heating effect. It is obviously more used in environments with high thermal conductivity requirements, such as hospital delivery rooms, nursing homes, private villas, etc., where there is a large demand for warmth.

Aluminum Sheet Heat Sink Advantage

● Stable performance and long-term use

● Hydraulic Linear Bearing Fine Cutting

● Fine surface treatment

● Good cooling effect

● Aluminum alloy mold is resistant to high temperature

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