Aluminum coil 3104 H19 for the lid (bottom) of cans

Aluminum coil 3104 aluminum used in cans has been relatively mature in foreign product systems. At present, domestic demand is still growing rapidly. With the improvement of economic level and the diversity of national consumption, there is more and more demand for goods packaged in cans. Aluminum coil 3104 H19 for the lid (bottom) of cans has great potential in the market and is also the direction of aluminum processing enterprises.

Why the Aluminum coil 3104 can cover (bottom) is popular is mainly due to its unique advantages. On the one hand, it is stable and difficult to react with the products to ensure the safety of food and drinks. On the other hand, the material is lighter, which can make the product packaged in aluminum cans lighter, convenient for transportation and save cost.

With the upgrading of cans production technology, the surface performance requirements of Aluminum coil 3104 H19 cans cover (bottom) are becoming higher and higher. Mingtai aluminum has been investing heavily in research and development. Now Mingtai aluminum supplies 3104 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate for three sheets of cans cover (bottom), 5182 H19 aluminum plate for aluminum cans pull ring, and non bubble type food cans (Note: it specially refers to canned beef, canned food, etc.), which can produce two sheet can covers, but can not produce two sheet direct stamping can bodies.

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