Aluminum curtain wall cladding using 3M03 aluminum plates

Aluminum curtain wall cladding is no stranger to us, as we often come across them in our daily lives. Shopping malls, office buildings, subway stations, train stations, and many other places showcase their presence. With the continuous development of society, the concept of green, low-carbon, and environmental protection has become increasingly popular. Using 3M03 aluminum plates for aluminum curtain wall cladding better satisfies the current market’s demand for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and low carbon footprint.

Aluminum curtain wall cladding using 3M03 aluminum plates:
●Thickness: 0.8-6.0mm
●Applications: Aluminum single panels, aluminum curtain walls
●Width: Within 2600mm, Length: Within 15000mm
●Wide width availability of 1800-2200mm with readily available stock.
●Wide width availability of 2300-2600mm with readily available billets, allowing for customized orders delivered within 15 days

Advantages and features of 3M03 aluminum alloy are significant:
Lightweight with excellent strength
●Excellent ductility and ease of processing and production
●Weldable with excellent fatigue resistance
●Good corrosion resistance
●Environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint, and high recyclability value.

Aluminum curtain wall using 3M03 aluminum plates has prominent advantages:
●Easy to process: Aluminum alloy has low density, lightweight, excellent elongation rate, and strong plasticity, which can meet different production and processing needs of users.
●Economically and environmentally friendly: Aluminum alloy has low cost and high recyclability, making it a low-carbon and environmentally friendly new material.
●Easy installation and maintenance: Aluminum panels used for aluminum curtain walls have strong stain resistance, making them easy to maintain and clean.
●Durable: It has excellent corrosion resistance, with a thick fluorocarbon paint coating on its surface, providing excellent weather resistance and effectively resisting UV rays, thereby extending its service life.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry, a large listed company, specializes in aluminum curtain wall cladding using 3M03 aluminum plates. Located in Henan, it has a professional R&D team and is equipped with advanced high-tech equipment. The produced aluminum panels for wall cladding have a width of 1800-2200mm and are readily available in stock, allowing for immediate shipment upon ordering. Additionally, it maintains a stock of billets with a width of 2300-2600mm, and customized orders can be delivered within 15 days. The manufacturer offers direct sales with competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent after-sales tracking.
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