Automobile Pedal 5083 Aluminum Plate

Automobile pedal 5083 aluminum plate has low density and high strength. It is also a 5083 alloy aluminum plate. It is a special aluminum plate for marine aluminum plate, lightweight automobile aluminum, aerospace aluminum, and tanker aluminum.

Due to the rapid economic development, the demand for automobiles is also increasing, and automobile spare parts are also increasing day by day. Many parts of the car are made of aluminum sheet material. Among them, the use of 5083 aluminum plate for the car pedal can make the car itself achieve the effect of energy saving and low consumption, which is safer and more comfortable, and has a relatively strong load capacity.

5083 aluminum plate has the following 4 performance advantages:

1.Low density and high strength. It is a special aluminum plate for marine aluminum plate, aluminum for lightweight automobiles, aluminum for aerospace, and aluminum for tankers.

2.Corrosion resistant, economical and environmentally friendly, durable.

3.Good arc welding performance, beautiful surface after anodization.

4.The surface of the aluminum plate has no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, neat trimming, and no burrs.

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