Excellent performance of 1235H18 adhesive tape foil

Tape foil is different from common double-sided tape and transparent tape. It is not frequently seen in our daily lives, but it is widely used in electrical processing factories. Although its usage is limited, it is an indispensable part of our lives. It can be found in many household items such as refrigerators, cars, air conditioners, and computers.

Tape foil usually consists of 1060 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil, and 8011 aluminum foil. The main material conditions are O and H18. In this article, we will mainly introduce the performance-related information of 1235H18 tape foil.

Specifications of 1235H18 Tape Foil:

◆ Temper: H18

◆ Thickness (mm): 0.018-0.4

◆ Width (mm): 100-1700

◆ Length (mm): Customizable

◆ Applications: Transformers, mobile phones, computers, LED displays, printers, and various electronic products.

Excellent Performance of 1235H18 Tape Foil

◆ Excellent flatness and high cleanliness without any uneven points

◆ No color difference, no bright spots, and no surface scratches

◆ Good heat insulation, corrosion resistance, water resistance, and adhesive properties

◆ Free from harmful substances and pollution, easy to recycle, and considered a renewable resource

◆ Mingtai Aluminum Industry possesses large and advanced equipment, standardized production plants, high production capacity, and fast delivery, providing customized production as per customer requirements

◆ Mingtai adopts a direct sales model, eliminating middlemen and offering higher cost-effectiveness for similar products

Mingtai Aluminum Industry – Manufacturer of 1235H18 Tape Foil – Discounted Price

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