GB/T 6061 T6 aluminum plate manufacturer

Aluminum alloy medium-thick plates are widely used in various industries, with a broad range of applications. Currently, they are mainly used in the transportation industry. In the automotive industry, they are primarily applied to specialized vehicles such as tank trucks, automatic dumping trucks, and urban rail passenger cars. In the shipbuilding industry, they can be used for ocean freighters, naval vessels, and liquefied natural gas carriers. In the chemical industry, they are commonly used for tank containers, and their thickness ranges mainly from 8 to 60mm. The production of medium-thick plates requires strict equipment and process requirements. Now, let’s learn more about the relevant information on 6061 T6 aluminum plates.

Product Introduction of 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate

The 6061 T6 aluminum alloy plate can be applied to multiple industries such as construction machinery, precision machining parts, automotive, shipbuilding, molds, pressure vessels, and more. It boasts excellent strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, and outstanding welding performance. It is also known for its corrosion resistance and suitability for cold processing. Therefore, it has a relatively wide range of applications.

Mingtai Aluminum Industry’s 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Plate Demonstrates Strength:

1)The independently developed “1+1” hot rolling production line provides a solid foundation for the large-scale production of 6061 T6 aluminum plates.

2)The produced medium-thick and ultra-thick plates can reach a thickness of up to 600mm.

3)Well-equipped facilities: imported SLMAR bending straightening machine, Zhuoshen company bending straightening machine, 9 annealing furnaces, two thick plate flying shears, and more.

4) Stable product performance, flat plate shape, and each stack of plates undergo slice inspection.

5) Excellent surface quality, clean and smooth, uniform color, no burrs or cracks on the edges.

Mingtai Aluminum in Henan has accumulated nearly thirty years of rich experience in aluminum processing. With a focus on continuous improvement, stringent quality standards, and proven strength, we not only have strong capabilities and guaranteed product quality but also offer customized production according to user requirements. All our products are offered at factory-direct prices, making them more competitive compared to other suppliers. For more product information and special offers, you can click on the online consultation or call our inquiry hotline at wahtsapp:008617760728273, where our professional sales manager will provide you with detailed answers.

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