Pakistan customer make one container of 8011 H14 aluminum sheets for pp cap

A major beverage company in Pakistan needed a reliable supply of high-quality aluminum sheet for producing pilfer-proof (PP) caps. They selected Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. in China as the supplier based on competitive pricing, fast delivery and proven product performance.

Mingtai Aluminum delivered one full container load of 8011 H14 aluminum sheet for PP and ROPP caps. 8011 alloy shows excellent formability for shaping the soft aluminum into caps, with H14 temper providing the optimal hardness and strength. The bright, smooth finish of 8011 H14 sheet also gives caps an attractive appearance and good printability.

The Pakistan customer had a tight deadline to fulfill a large order of PP caps for a customer launching a new bottled beverage product. Within 3 days of receiving the purchase order, Mingtai Aluminum processed the 8011 H14 aluminum sheet to the specified thickness and dimensions, and shipped the container from their production facility. The material arrived in Pakistan within a week to meet the cap maker’s production schedule.

The superior quality and consistency of Mingtai’s 8011 H14 aluminum sheet allowed the cap manufacturer to efficiently stamp out well-formed caps at high speed. The material showed no cracking, tearing or other issues during production that would slow output or waste material. The hardness and ductility were uniform through the entire sheet, producing strong yet pliable caps with crisp detail.

The end customer was very satisfied with the quality and appearance of the PP caps. The bottled product launch was a success, in part thanks to the fast delivery and reliable material from Mingtai Aluminum.

Mingtai Aluminum’s 8011 H14 sheet for pilfer-proof caps provides an optimized, affordable solution for cap producers worldwide. With advanced equipment, strict quality control and knowledgeable technical support, Mingtai aims to continue supplying innovative materials that enable sustainable progress in the bottling and packaging industry. The Pakistan customer has become a loyal client benefitting from the overall value of Mingtai’s product and service.

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