Pipeline Insulation with Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum sheet insulation is one of the various types of aluminum sheets available. It can be frequently observed in applications like pipe installation. So why is aluminum sheet chosen for pipeline insulation instead of iron sheets?

To answer this question, we need to consider the environment surrounding pipeline installation. Typically, our common pipeline installation occurs in exposed environments, necessitating a material that can effectively meet the various requirements of pipeline installation, including factors like weather conditions, cost, and usage.

The benefit of iron sheet is its low production cost and remarkable strength. However, its downside is that the material is prone to reacting with water and oxygen in the air due to its active chemical nature. Consequently, iron sheet materials are highly susceptible to rust and corrosion under acidic or alkaline conditions. When used as an auxiliary material for pipeline laying, these characteristics can be disastrous.

The aluminum insulation sheet features a superb metallic finish on its surface, making it easier to integrate with various organic coatings. It boasts excellent rust and corrosion resistance, ensuring a long service life. Furthermore, it is lighter and easier to install compared to iron sheets, making it a practical choice for a variety of applications.

When it comes to material cost, thermal insulation aluminum sheet also holds an advantage. The processing technology for aluminum sheet is not overly complex, allowing for optimization of the process and smoother coordination between various stages. This not only boosts production efficiency but also helps reduce production costs.

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