Quenched Stretched Aluminum Plate

Thickness: 0.3-200mm

Application: precision abrasives, electronic casings, telecommunications equipment, computer casings.

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Description of Quenched Stretched Aluminum Plate

The main Quenched Stretched Aluminum Plates are 6000 series aluminum alloys. The typical sheet code is 6015、6061、6063、6082 T4、T6、T651.

Quenched Stretched Aluminum Plate Price Elements

  • 1Aluminum alloy
    The alloy model of quenched and drawn aluminum sheet is different, and the price is also different. The common quenched and drawn aluminum sheets are mainly 6000 series. 6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate. Different alloy models, the price will be different.
  • 2Specification of aluminum plate
    The specifications of the aluminum sheets subjected to the quenching and drawing process are different. Then the price also makes a big difference. The price of a 3mm thick aluminum plate is definitely different from that of a 10mm thick aluminum plate.
  • 3Area of aluminum plate.
    The area size of the product material affects their price. The larger the area of the material. Then the price will be higher. We understand this very well.
  • 4Aluminum plate process
    The production process technology of this material is a very significant factor. The more advanced and superb the production technology, the more advanced the products produced. The higher the technological content it contains. Then the price will certainly be quite high.

Technical Parameter of Mingtai Al. Quenched Stretched Aluminum Plate

Alloy 6015、6061、6063、6082
Temper T4、T6、T651
Thickness 0.3mm-200mm
Width 500mm-1650mm
Length 500mm-8000mm
Typical Application Precision abrasive tools, electronic shells, telecommunications equipment, computer shells, etc.

Market Applications of Quenched Stretched Aluminum Plate

Quenched and stretched plates are used in abrasive tools, electronic shells, telecommunications equipment, computer shells.

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