8011 Aluminum foil for disposable takeaway packaging box

8011 Aluminum foil is the ideal choice for disposable takeaway packaging boxes. Its lightweight nature enables easy carrying and transportation, making it perfect for takeaway delivery services and other similar scenarios. With excellent sealing capabilities, 8011 aluminum foil effectively safeguards food against contamination during transit, ensuring optimal hygiene and safety standards.

Moreover, the superb thermal insulation properties of 8011 aluminum foil help maintain the temperature of the food, preventing it from becoming cold or deteriorating during transportation. This ensures that the food retains its deliciousness and taste upon arrival. Additionally, the smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface of 8011 aluminum foil enhances the overall presentation of the product, capturing the attention of consumers effectively.

Specification of 8011 Aluminum Foil for Disposable Takeaway Packaging Box














Mirror , Coated, Embossed,Brushed, Polished, Anodized,etc

Delivery Time

Within 3 days for our stock size,15-20 days for our production


Export standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport, or be required.


Food delivery industry, aviation, home cooking, bakery


Advantage of 8011 Aluminum Foil for Disposable Takeaway Packaging Box
1. Excellent Barrier Performance: The 8011 aluminum foil boasts exceptional barrier properties, effectively safeguarding packaged items against moisture, air exposure, and aroma loss. Its robust barrier capabilities prevent moisture absorption, oxidation, volatilization, and deterioration, ensuring the integrity of the packaging contents.

2. Excellent Heat Endurance: The 8011 aluminum foil boasts impressive resistance to heat, maintaining its shape consistently even under extreme temperature fluctuations. This makes it an ideal choice for baking containers and other high-temperature applications.

3. Strong protection: 8011 aluminum foil is highly protective, making the packaging less susceptible to damage by bacteria, fungi and insects.

4. Good secondary processing, molding and embossing properties: 8011 aluminum foil has good secondary processing, molding and embossing properties, making it easy to make and process.


Utilizing 8011 Aluminum Foil for Disposable Takeaway Packaging Solutions

Harnessing the versatility of 8011 aluminum foil, we present an ideal solution for disposable takeaway packaging boxes. The exceptional properties of this foil, including its lightweight nature, excellent malleability, and superior barrier protection against moisture, odors, and bacteria, make it an optimal choice for preserving the freshness and quality of food items. Whether used for hot or cold dishes, these packaging boxes crafted from 8011 aluminum foil ensure convenience, hygiene, and sustainability for both businesses and consumers alike.

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