1060 Aluminum sheet strip & 8011 aluminum foil for anti-theft bottle caps supplier

Aluminum bottle caps have gained immense popularity in everyday use. These anti-theft caps are crafted with precision from superior aluminum alloy materials, including 8011 aluminum foil and 1060 aluminum coils. They are primarily utilized for sealing wines, beverages (sparkling or non-sparkling), and packaging healthcare products. They also cater to specific needs such as high-temperature cooking and sterilization. The manufacturing of aluminum bottle caps is typically done on automated lines, necessitating rigorous standards for material strength, ductility, and dimensional accuracy to prevent cracks or creases. To guarantee optimal printability post-formation, the cap material must be smooth, devoid of rolling marks, scratches, and impurities. Commonly employed materials are 8011-H14 aluminum foil and 1060-H24 aluminum plate, ranging in thickness from 0.17mm to 0.5mm and width from 449mm to 796mm.

The 1060 aluminum coil strip represents a unique capping technique that fuses aluminum with plastic. It’s composed of industrial-grade pure aluminum, boasting an aluminum content of no less than 99.6%, and its tensile strength is apt for stamping and molding procedures. The 1060-H24 aluminum plate exhibits the necessary hardness and formability for bottle caps. Given that the aluminum-plastic bonded section comes in contact with the liquid in the bottle, it finds extensive application in the cosmetics industry, with some uses also extending to the pharmaceutical sector. Alternatively, the 8011 aluminum foil typically utilizes a direct stamping method for cap making. In a comparative analysis, the performance of 8011 aluminum foil surpasses the 1060 aluminum plate. It’s primarily employed for white wine caps, red wine caps, and PP/ROPP bottle caps, offering advantages like deep stamping capability and excellent oxidation effects.

The composition of 8011 aluminum foil is primarily comprised of Al-Fe-Si, with minimal traces of other impurities. Its functionality surpasses that of pure aluminum foil. Although 8011 aluminum sheet finds limited applications, its foil counterpart is extensively utilized, particularly as a material for bottle caps. In fact, 8011 aluminum foil serves as the primary constituent in PP/ROPP bottle caps, offering exceptional deep-drawing properties and low earing rates. After work hardening, it possesses a commendable strength, aligning well with the demands of bottle caps. The manufacturing process for bottle caps utilizing 8011 aluminum foil encompasses casting and hot rolling techniques. Specifically, 8011-H18 aluminum foil is suited for stamping shallow caps, allowing for both casting and rolling methods. On the other hand, 8011-H16 aluminum foil undergoes hot rolling and is primarily employed for aluminum anti-theft caps. Its thickness ranges from 0.15 to 0.27mm, with a thickness tolerance of ±0.005mm, while the width ranges from 330 to 1000mm, with a width tolerance of ±1mm. This foil exhibits a tensile strength of 150-165Mpa and an elongation greater than 2%. Notably, 8011-H16 aluminum foil finds application in both medical and wine caps, albeit with slight differences in the production process due to the heightened stretching requirements of wine caps compared to medicinal caps, necessitating distinct annealing procedures.


Specification of 1060 aluminum sheet strip & 8011 aluminum foil for anti-theft bottle caps

Alloy 1060 Aluminum sheet plate 8011 Aluminum foil
Temper O,H22 H14,H24,H16,H26,H18
Thickness 0.15-0.5mm
Width 500-2500mm
Rolling Process CC/DC


Mechanical properties:

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Tensile strength(Rm/Mpa) Elongation(%) Earing ratio (%)
1060 O 0.15-0.5 55-95 15 6
1060 H22 0.4-0.5 75-110 6 5
8011 H14 0.15-0.5 125-165 2 3
8011 H16 0.15-0.5 130-165 1 3
8011 H18 0.2-0.5 165 1 3

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