henan mingtai aluminum 3003 aluminum sheet exported to UAE market

Mingtai Aluminum recently exported a shipment of 48 metric tons of 3003 aluminum sheet to a customer in UAE. The customer is a leading manufacturer of aluminum pop cans that provides beverage containers to major brands across UAE.

3003 aluminum alloy is commonly used for aluminum cans and bottle caps due to its excellent formability, corrosion resistance and printability. Mingtai Aluminum produces 3003 aluminum sheet to stringent standards using advanced rolling and heat treatment equipment. Consistent control of temper and mechanical properties ensures high-quality, reliable sheets suited to tight-tolerance can manufacturing.

For this export order from UAE, Mingtai Aluminum supplied 3003 H14 aluminum sheets in gauges 0.21mm to 0.25mm and sizes matching the customer’s production requirements. 3003-H14 aluminum sheet combines medium hardness with good ductility, allowing it to be formed into cans at high speeds while retaining crisp detail and strength.

Mingtai Aluminum packed the 48 tons of 3003 H14 aluminum sheets in protective wood crates and loaded them into a shipping container for fast delivery to UAE. The entire process from order to shipment took 15 days. The customer was impressed with the short lead time, product quality, and minimal risk of transport damage.

The properties of Mingtai’s 3003 H14 aluminum sheet supported the efficient production of high-quality beverage cans by UAE customer. Beverage companies have come to expect innovative, sustainable, and affordable packaging solutions enabling premium product presentation, and Mingtai aims to continue meeting and exceeding these needs through advanced R&D and manufacturing techniques.

With years of experience producing sheets and coils to the standards of can-makers worldwide, Mingtai Aluminum has become a leading supplier of aluminum materials for packaging. By optimizing products and processes to benefit both producers and end-users, Mingtai builds lasting partnerships and contributes to continued progress in environmentally-friendly packaging. This successful collaboration and export to UAE is one example of the win-win relationships Mingtai strives to develop.

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