8011 Aluminum Coil for Pilfer Proof Caps and PP Caps


Production Description
Mingtai is the professional manufacturer which can produce the food grade aluminum coils and sheets used for aluminum caps, widely used for wine,beer,tea cans and other packaging products,ash-static spray food wax import from USA.

Aluminum alloy 8011 H14, which is ordinary aluminum added Mn and Mg components, increase of tensile strength and elongation. 

8011 H14 aluminum alloy bottle cap is an important part of the hot rolled aluminum anti-theft cover material. Execute GB/T3880 standard. Thickness range: 0.15-0.27 mm, thickness tolerance (+0.005 mm), width 330-1000 mm, width tolerance (+1 mm), tensile strength 150-165 Mpa, elongation > 2%, plate surface is fine, no obvious roll lines, no obvious black lines, grease spots, gray scratches, bright stripes and other defects, ear rate is controlled within 3%, 8011 H14 aluminum alloy bottle cap process to pass cold rolling-foil. Rolling annealing thickness - annealing - foil rolling finished products - stretching bending rectification - cutting and other processes are completed, finished coil production, but also through the leveling machine clipping, drying, multiple stamping, anti-counterfeiting marking and other processes, the final production of qualified aluminum bottle cap material. 8011 H16 medical aluminum bottle cap material and wine cap material are slightly different in the production process, because the wine cap tensile requirements higher than the drug cap, there is a distinction in the annealing.

8011 aluminum alloy coil for PP Caps/Closure Caps

Product Item

Aluminum Coil for Pilfer Proof Caps/PP Caps/Closure Caps

Aluminum Alloy

8011 H14



Width Size

200(min)-2000mm(max), as per request

Length Size

6000mm (max), as per request

Surface Treatment

 withinout any treatment on the surface, such as colored, painted, and lubricated


1~2Tons/coil, or per wooden case

Coil ID

76mm, 152mm, 405mm,  505mm etc, as per reqest


Caps, closures and vials for the pharmaceutical industry. Closures pilfer proof for the pharmaceutical industry.

Widely used for Pilfer proof caps, such as wine bottle cap, medicinal liquid lids and cosmetic caps:
*Crown caps
*Aluminum flip caps 
*Aluminum bottle closure
*Open top aluminum seal
*Aluminum long screw caps
*Aluminum ROPP Closures
*Aluminum wine caps
Aluminum capssules

8011 aluminum alloy coil for PP Caps/Closure Caps

Aluminum Coil for Pilfer Proof Caps

Aluminum Coil for Closure Caps

Aluminum Coil for PP Caps


1. Resonable production arrangement to make delivery very fast;
2.we are able to provide leading tolerances,metallurgical assistance,quick and reliable delivery,samples for new products,etc.
3.We have the strong capability to meet your particular requirement for the products.
4.To guarantee the quality of the products we can meet most of the standards all over the world such as ASTM standard.

1. Standard seaworthy export packing, wooden pallets with plastics protection for the coil and sheet;
2. Inner ID is 405mm. EYE to SKY or EYE to WALL
3.15-20MT can be loaded into 20'container
4.The customer's requirement will be satisfied ;
5.The packing is strong enough, which has 4 lays, kraft paper, plastic with dry agent, cardboard and the bottom is wooden pallets with steel strips.

8011 Aluminum Coil for Pilfer Proof Caps and PP Caps

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