1050 H18 Aluminum Plate Sheet


Application:  roofing, cladding, electrical enclosures, decorative panels, etc.

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1050 H18 Aluminum Plate Sheet Indtoduction

Aluminum alloy 1050 H18 refers to a special aluminum alloy in the state of H18. Here is a breakdown of the components of this name:

◆ Aluminum Alloys: The alloy designation "1050" indicates that the aluminum sheet or sheet contains pure aluminum (99.5% minimum purity) as the major alloying element. It is a commercially pure aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and good formability.

◆H18 Temper: The "H18" temper designation indicates specific heat treatment and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy sheets or plates. In the H18 temper, the aluminum alloy is strain hardened (cold worked) and then fully annealed. This tempering provides the alloy with maximum strength and hardness.

1050 h18 Aluminum Plate Advantages

1050 H18 aluminum plate offers several advantages over other tempered conditions of 1050 aluminum. Here are some advantages:

Higher Strength: Compared to softer tempered conditions like H14 or O, 1050 H18 aluminum sheet has higher strength due to the cold work hardening process. This increased strength provides improved structural integrity and resistance to deformation.

Increased hardness: H18 tempering involves a higher degree of strain hardening, resulting in increased hardness of the aluminum sheet. This hardness provides better wear resistance and durability, making it suitable for applications where the material may be subjected to mechanical stress or friction.

Improved Formability: Although the 1050 H18 aluminum plate has higher strength and hardness, it still maintains good formability. It can be easily shaped, bent, and formed without cracking or breaking, making it suitable for applications requiring complex shapes or designs.

Better Surface Finish: H18 tempers often involve additional surface preparation processes such as cold rolling and annealing, resulting in a smoother and more uniform surface finish. This improved surface quality enhances the appearance and aesthetics of the aluminum sheet.

Improved Corrosion Resistance: H18 tempering does not significantly affect the corrosion resistance of 1050 aluminum. Therefore, the 1050 H18 aluminum plate retains the excellent corrosion resistance of the base alloy. Resistant to atmospheric corrosion and able to withstand exposure to a variety of environmental conditions.

Suitable for precision manufacturing: The high strength and hardness of the 1050 H18 aluminum plate make it very suitable for precision manufacturing processes such as machining, drilling, and cutting. It can be precisely formed and machined to meet tight dimensional tolerances.

It is important to note that the specific benefits of the 1050 H18 aluminum sheet may vary depending on the application and project requirements. It is recommended to consult with the manufacturer or supplier on how the 1050 H18 aluminum sheet can best meet your specific needs.

1050 H18 Aluminum Plate Properties

H18 temper has the following characteristics:

1050 h18 Aluminum Plate Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Property

Typical Value

Tensile Strength

125-150 MPa

Yield Strength

≥ 115 MPa


≥ 2%

1050 h18 Aluminum Plate Thermal Properties

Thermal Property

Typical Value

Thermal Conductivity

229 W/m·K

Melting Range 


Note: These values are approximate and may vary due to factors such as impurities and specific manufacturing processes. In addition, thermal performance can also be affected by factors such as temperature gradient, heat treatment, and sample size.

1050 h18 Aluminum Plate Electrical Properties

Electrical Property

Typical Value

 Electrical Conductivity

Approximately 59% IACS

 Note: Aluminum alloy 1050 H18 has lower conductivity than copper,
But still has good electrical conductivity in many applications.

1050 h18 Aluminum Plate Surface Treatment

The surface finish of 1050 H18 aluminum alloy sheet may vary by manufacturer or supplier. It may have a satin finish, which is a smooth and shiny finish that does not require any additional treatment or coating. Other surface treatments such as anodizing or painting can be applied according to specific requirements.

1050 Aluminum Plate Composition

1050 h18 Aluminum Plate Thermal Properties

Element Composition 


Aluminum (Al) 

99.5 - 100%

Iron (Fe) 

0 - 0.4%

Silicon (Si) 

0 - 0.25%

Manganese (Mn) 

0 - 0.050%

Zinc (Zn) 

0 - 0.050%

Copper (Cu) 

0 - 0.050%

Magnesium (Mg) 

0 - 0.050%

Vanadium (V) 

0 - 0.050%

Titanium (Ti) 

0 - 0.030%

1050 H18 Aluminum Plate Typical Applications

Aluminum alloy sheet or plate 1050 H18 is commonly used in a variety of industries including construction, automotive, electrical, and general manufacturing.

It is suitable for applications such as roofing, cladding, electrical enclosures, decorative panels, and more.

The H18 temper provides high strength and hardness making it suitable for applications requiring structural integrity and durability.

Electrical Conductor: 1050 H18 aluminum sheet is often used in electrical applications where good electrical conductivity is required. It is used in the manufacture of busbars, electrical connectors, and conductive components in various electrical systems.

Radiators: Due to their high thermal conductivity, 1050 H18 aluminum sheets are used in the production of radiators. Heat sinks help dissipate the heat generated by electronic components, ensuring their optimum performance and longevity.

Reflective Sheeting: The high reflectivity of the 1050 H18 aluminum sheet makes it suitable for applications that require a reflective surface, such as solar panels, lighting fixtures, and reflectors.

Architectural Applications: 1050 H18 Aluminum Sheet is used for architectural decorative purposes such as wall cladding, ceilings, and decorative trim. Its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties make it ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of buildings.

Automotive Components: 1050 H18 aluminum sheet is used in a variety of automotive components including heat shields, panels, and trim. Its lightweight properties help improve fuel efficiency and reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

Packaging material: 1050 H18 aluminum sheet is often used in the production of packaging materials, such as aluminum cans, bottle caps, food containers, etc. Its corrosion resistance and ability to maintain the freshness of packaged products make it suitable for the food and beverage industry.

Industrial Applications: 1050 H18 Aluminum Sheet can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as chemical processing equipment, storage tanks, and manufacturing machinery components. Its corrosion resistance and formability make it suitable for diverse industrial environments.

It should be noted that the specific application of the 1050 H18 aluminum sheet can vary according to the requirements and specifications of the project. These examples give us a glimpse into the potential applications of 1050 H18 aluminum sheets in different industries.

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