1060 H24 aluminum plate sheet for anti-theft bottle cap

1060 H24 aluminum plate provides an optimal solution for high-volume production of affordable, lightweight and tamper-resistant bottle caps. 1060 aluminum alloy is commercially pure aluminum with a minimum of 99.6% Al and strength suited to stamping and forming processes. H24 temper gives 1060 plate the hardness and formability required for bottle cap use.

Compared to other aluminum alloys suitable for anti-theft caps, 1060 alloy is more cost competitive, helping reduce the overall cost of cap production and lower expenses for bottlers and consumers. 1060 H24 aluminum plate weighs less than half of steel. Caps made from 1060 H24 aluminum help make bottles more portable and cut transportation costs in bottling and distribution.

Although hard, 1060 H24 aluminum plate shows enough ductility for stamping and shaping complex cap designs at high speeds. It allows caps to be mass produced efficiently without cracking or tearing. The hardness of 1060 H24 plate helps prevent caps from being compromised or removed without authorization, providing security for bottled products before and during customer use.

1060 H24 aluminum has a bright finish and good adhesion for coatings. Caps can be coated in-line for protection, appearance or other enhancements at low cost. 1060 H24 plate can be produced in precise sizes and tolerance for particular cap designs. Consistent control of temper and mechanical properties ensures high quality, reliable caps are manufactured to industry standards.

1060 aluminum is highly recyclable, supporting sustainable use of resources. Recycled 1060 coil provides an inexpensive source of raw materials for cap manufacturers. With sustainable and eco-friendly properties, 1060 H24 plate enables efficient bottling and distribution while keeping costs low across the supply chain. Its versatility will continue to support innovation in bottle cap technology and security.

In summary, 1060 H24 aluminum plate provides optimized solution for producing affordable, lightweight and tamper-resistant bottle caps in high volume. Its sustainable and eco-friendly properties enable efficient bottling and distribution while keeping costs low across the supply chain. The continuing innovation will leverage the benefits of 1060 H24 aluminum plate for bottle cap solutions.

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