Automobile 3003+4045 aluminum brazing plate

aluminum brazing plate mainly plays a buffering role, reducing the heat conduction of the battery core, preventing overheating and greatly improving battery life and energy density, allowing the battery to utilize more space.

aluminum cladding plates are manufactured using mechanical processing and can be applied to heat dissipation products in many fields such as wind power inverters, photovoltaic inverters, motor controllers, lasers, energy storage power supplies, etc. They are also well applied in power battery systems.

Information on Aluminum Cladding Brazing Plates
Name: aluminum cladding sheet, aluminum brazing sheet
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Process: Brazing, Cladding
Characteristics: Lightweight, high heat-to-weight ratio, high heat exchange efficiency, good surface uniformity
Application areas: New energy vehicles, energy storage power supplies, photovoltaic inverters, lasers, etc.
Aluminum brazing plate creates lightweight, high-performance water cooling plates optimized for power batteries and advanced applications requiring precise thermal control. Their properties provide technical and economic benefits that drive continued progress across transportation, new energy, electronics and other key sectors.

Mechanically processed aluminum brazing plates provide an reliable and cost-efficient solution for thermal management across industries like new energy, power electronics, laser technology and others. Their use in power battery systems enables higher performance, longer life, improved safety and more efficient use of space. aluminum brazing plates made from materials such as 3003+4045 aluminum and are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and recyclable, supporting sustainable progress.
With excellent thermal conductivity and workability, 3003+4045 aluminum brazing plate is an ideal material for manufacturing custom water cooling plates tailored to application needs. Its properties provide technical advantages for temperature control demanding high efficiency, precision and durability. 3003+4045 aluminum brazing plate allows water cooling plates to enhance system performance through strategic temperature regulation.
3003+4045 aluminum brazing plate will play an increasingly important role in advanced technologies where thermal management is critical to productivity, reliability and energy efficiency. Their applications span multiple strategic industries with strong growth, creating opportunities for technical partnerships and supply chain collaboration worldwide.
aluminum brazing plates provide a highly flexible solution for heat dissipation and temperature control based on 3003+4045 aluminum brazing plateand other materials. They enable technological systems to operate at maximum capacity and support the transition to a sustainable future built on new energy, electrification and digitization. 3003+4045 aluminum brazing plate are a key technology enabler for continued progress.

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