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Mingtai Aluminum is one professional manufacturer of aluminum composite panels which was established in 1997, with more than 26 years of production and exporting history! With over ten years’ effort, now we owned more than 150 experienced technicians,many advanced automatic aluminum composite panel production lines with 1100 aluminum coil plates.

Aluminum coils for ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) usually adopt 1100 aluminum coil, 1060 Aluminum coils /plate and other 1 series aluminum alloys with high price advantages. There are also very cost-effective 3003, 3004 aluminum coils /plate, other 3 series aluminium alloys, and 5 series Aluminum alloys such 5005 aluminum coils /plate with high performance,etc. Among them, the hot selling 1100 aluminum coils for ACP is often selected from 1100-H14 and 1100-H16 in two temper states, that is, no additional heat treatment is required, and 1100 aluminum coils with the corresponding level of hardness are only obtained by work hardening. At this time, 1100-H14 H16 aluminum coils for ACP has certain strength, excellent weather resistance, surface handling properties and other advantages, satisfying the requirements of aluminum composite panel.

Hot-selling Aluminium Coils for ACP 1100-H14 H16 for Aluminum Composite Panel

Currently, Aluminum composite panels are widely used in the exterior walls of shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls, etc, extremely high-end, fashion, modern decoration style, favored by the market. In fact, Aluminum composite panels are composed of Aluminum alloy, such as 1100 H14, 1100 H16 aluminium coils for ACP as the upper and lower raw materials, with chemical composites in the middle, thus combining the advantages of aluminum alloy and chemical composites.So, the building exterior wall made of aluminium coils for ACP has the advantages of more corrosion resistance, light weight and easy installation, sound and heat insulation, economy and environmental protection.

Here, It is worth mentioning that, Mingtai Al, as an aluminum coil manufacturer covering an area of 1.3 million square meters, produces 1100-H14, 1100-H16, 3003, 3004, 5005 aluminium coils for ACP with mature technology, and have beed sold well in western Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, Central Europe, Western Europe and other countries and regions. Among them, our major client from Turkey purchased 150 tons 1100-H16 aluminum coil for aluminum composite panels ! This client asked us to supply mill finish aluminium coils for ACP, with 1100 H16 0.12x1260mm, 0.18x1260mm, 0.24x1260mm,etc. Besides, Customers from Germany continue to purchase 50 tons of 1100-H14 aluminum coils for roof tile from us every month.and so on.

Mingtai Aluminium Coils for ACP Technical Parameters

Alloy Series  Typical Alloy  Type  Temper  Thickness(mm)
1 Series 1100, 1060 coil/sheet/plate H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H112,H114,F,O 0.2-8
3 Series 3003, 3004 H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H111,H112,H114,F,O 0.2-8
5Series 5005 12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H32,H34,H36,H38,H111,H112,H114,F,O 0.2-8

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