1235 Aluminum Foil


Application: Tape foil, cable foil, battery foil, bottle cap material, etc.

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1235 Aluminum Foil Aluminum Jumbo Roll Description:

Mingtai Aluminum can process 1235-O and 1235-H18 aluminum foils with a thickness of 0.016-0.2mm. This product is widely used in cables, tape foils, and lithium batteries because of its excellent anti-rust properties, formability, and fusion properties. Cover with aluminum foil.

Strength of Mingtai Aluminum Production 1235 Aluminum Sheet

  • 1 ANDRITZ shape rollers are used in production, which provides a guarantee for the realization of good shape, and the surface of the produced products is more uniform and smooth, and the shape is flat;
  • 2 In addition, a Honeywell thickness gauge is used to ensure the precise control of the thickness of the outlet, and to enhance the surface tension of the aluminum foil, which is not less than 32 dyne under the test of the dyne pen, and the error of the staggered layer of the aluminum foil roll is not more than ±1.0mm.
  • 3 Monthly output can be up to 1200 tons.

Technical Parameter of Mingtai Al. 1235 Aluminum Foil











Aluminum products of Mingtai Aluminum meet the export popular

  • Standard seaworthy export packaging. Wooden pallets with plastics protection for the coil and sheet.
  • The packaging can be eye to sky or eye to wall based on the customer's requirement
  • 16-20 MT can be located into 20FCL, the sea freight rate is much cheaper than 40FCL.

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