Pharmaceutical Foil


Application: drug packaging gasket, capsules cover plate, blister packaging, oral liquid aluminum plastic composite cap , infusion bottle aluminum plastic cap, etc.

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Pharmaceutical Foil Description:

Medicines are packaged in various forms such as liquids, injections, tablets, and granules, and most of these packages use aluminum foil.

PTP pharmaceutical aluminum foil alloy: 8011-H18 aluminum foil, 8011-O aluminum foil, etc., with a thickness of 0.016-0.04mm;

Aluminum foil alloys for tropical blister packaging: 8021-O aluminum foil, 8079-O aluminum foil, thickness 0.04-0.075mm;

Blister medical aluminum foil: Blister aluminum foil is also called cold forming pharmaceutical foil, mostly made of 8021-O aluminum foil, used for high-end and highly airtight, moisture-proof and light-shielding pharmaceutical packaging, with a thickness of 0.04-0.065mm;

Tropical aluminum foil for medicine: Tropical aluminum foil, also known as aluminum-plastic aluminum, tropical blister packaging is equivalent to adding a layer of cold stamped aluminum foil cover on the outside of thermoformed plastic blister and PTP aluminum foil. 8021-O aluminum foil and 8079-O aluminum foil are mostly used;

Aluminum foil for medicine bottle caps: Aluminum foil for medicine bottle caps is also called aluminum foil for medical cover materials. It is mostly made of 8011-H14 aluminum foil or 8011-H16 aluminum foil.

Strength of Mingtai Aluminum Production Pharmaceutical Foil

  • 1 Higher requirements are put forward for the quality indicators of pharmaceutical foil, including the content of toxic and harmful elements, plate shape, thickness, surface quality (including color difference, stripes, bright lines, bright spots, etc.), pinholes, heat resistance, heat sealing strength;
  • 2 The raw materials of our factory must be sampled and inspected before entering the factory, and can only be used after passing the inspection. Control the quality of products from the source.
  • 3 Our factory uses Electro-mechanical Universal Testing Machines, Quantometer Laboratory, Kinematic viscosimeter and other instruments and equipment;
  • 4 Monthly output can be up to 3000 tons.

Technical Parameter of Mingtai Al. Pharmaceutical Foil

Application Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Typical Products
PTP Drug Packaging Aluminum Foil 8011 aluminum foil H18 0.016-0.5 200-1600 Capsules cover plate, etc.
Blister Medicine Aluminum Foil     8021 aluminum foil O 0.04-0.065 200-1600 blister packaging, etc.
Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil 8021 aluminum foil,
8079 aluminum foil
O 0.016-0.2 200-1600 high-end medicine packaging
Drug Cover Aluminum Foil 8011 aluminum foil H14, H16 0.016-0.5 200-1600 oral liquid aluminum plastic composite cap , infusion bottle aluminum plastic cap, etc.
Medicinal Aluminum Foil Gasket 1060 aluminum foil O, H18 0.014-0.2 200-1600 drug packaging gasket

Why Choose Mingtai Pharmaceutical Foil

Superior Protection: Mingtai pharmaceutical foil acts as an impenetrable shield, safeguarding your medications from moisture, light, oxygen, and other harmful elements that can degrade their potency. With our foil, you can trust that your medications will remain effective and safe for consumption.

Premium Quality: We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality pharmaceutical foil. Our products undergo rigorous testing and meet industry standards, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability. When you choose our foil, you choose excellence.

Versatile Applications: Mingtai pharmaceutical foil is suitable for a wide range of medications, including tablets, capsules, and other solid forms. Whether you’re a medical professional, a patient managing multiple prescriptions, or a caregiver, our foil caters to your specific needs.

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our pharmaceutical foil is crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring that you not only protect your medications but also contribute to a greener future.

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