20 tons 5052 h32 aluminum coil to Malaysia market for test

Mingtai Aluminum, a leading Chinese aluminum coil supplier and producer, recently announced an export order of 20 tons of 5052 H32 aluminum coil to a distributor in Malaysia for testing in various applications. The coil includes 15 tons of 1.5mm x 1,200mm width coil and 5 tons of 2.0mm x 1,500mm width coil.
5052 H32 aluminum coil is a high-magnesium aluminum alloy with superior corrosion resistance and weldability. It is commonly used in pressure vessels, marine equipment, sheet metal processing, transportation, and architectural components. “We selected Mingtai’s 5052 H32 aluminum coil based on their reputation for high quality standards, competitive pricing and strong technical support,” said the purchasing manager of the Malaysian distributor.

According to the manager, they will supply samples of Mingtai’s 5052 H32 aluminum coil to companies across industries in Malaysia to seek potential partnerships and determine best-fit applications. “Mingtai’s smooth, tension-free coil with precision gauge control and surface quality is ideal for our testing needs. They are a trusted supplier with stringent quality management at all stages of manufacturing and distribution.” He noted that Mingtai’s integrated aluminum production chain and certifications provide full traceability and assurance for export market access.
The Malaysian distributor aims to drive new demand for sustainable, lightweight and high-performance alloy solutions across sectors as diverse as transport, construction, food processing and electronics in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.
“When we discover proven, affordable materials expertly engineered for functionality across essential industries, the potential for growth through distribution is vast,” said the purchasing manager. “Mingtai proves a valuable partner in progress through the aluminum coil precision tailored to empower innovation across frontiers.”

Mingtai’s Head of Export commended the order as a milestone in reaching new high-potential markets with materials showcasing the company’s production expertise and property optimization for critical end uses. “This first test order of 5052 H32 aluminum coil opens another frontier as we forge ties through customer alliances and aluminum that endures in making a vital difference to manufacturing capabilities worldwide.”
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