Mingtai Aluminum Exports 50 Tons of 5052 and 5251 Aluminum Coils to Thailand

Leading Chinese aluminum manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum recently exported 50 tons of 5052 and 5251 aluminum coils to a construction company in Thailand. The coils will be used for roofing and exterior wall panels of local industrial buildings. This marked Mingtai Aluminum’s first large batch of aluminum coil exports to Thailand, demonstrating its expanding global footprint.

The exported order includes 30 tons of 5052 aluminum coils and 20 tons of 5251 aluminum coils. 5052 and 5251 aluminum alloys contain 2.2-2.8% Mg and show excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and good weldability. They meet the requirements of roofing and wall panel applications in hot and humid weather in Thailand.

Mingtai Aluminum has strong advantages in the production of 5000 series aluminum alloys. The company’s hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill and slitting facilities are world-leading, capable of producing 5000 series aluminum coils with precise thickness, flatness and dimensional accuracy. Stringent control of product testing and packaging also ensures high quality.

With edges like advanced technology, rich product mix and cost leadership, Mingtai Aluminum has gained a competitive advantage in the export of specialized aluminum products. This order to Thailand is a new breakthrough, showcasing Mingtai Aluminum’s products and strengths to more overseas buyers. The company expects this initial success to open up more opportunities and cooperation with customers in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

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