3003 aluminum sheet for stretching new energy battery casings

Choosing a high-quality casing material for power batteries is crucial for both the safety and lifespan of the batteries. With lightweighting becoming an inevitable trend, aluminum alloy is an ideal material for achieving weight reduction in vehicles. So, how does the aluminum casing for new energy batteries perform, specifically the 3003 aluminum plate as a stretching material for battery casings? And what is the specific price situation? In this article, we will analyze it in detail.

New Energy Battery Aluminum Casing_3003 Aluminum Sheet Parameters for Battery Casing Stretching Material

Series Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length
3xxx series 3003 h14 0.4-4.5 100-2650 C

Aluminum Sheet 3003 for New Energy Battery Casing – Characteristics

◆ Aluminum alloy used for new energy battery casing, with low density and light weight.

◆ The 3003 aluminum sheet for battery casing has strong corrosion resistance.

◆ It has good ductility and can be used to manufacture lightweight alloys with various metal elements, exhibiting excellent material properties.

◆ The power battery casing has good casting performance.

◆ The surface treatment performance of the 3003 aluminum alloy for battery casing is excellent, with stable chemical properties and non-magnetism.

◆ The 3003 aluminum alloy for battery casing has good thermal and electrical conductivity.

◆ The 3003 aluminum alloy used for battery casing can be recycled and reused, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

New Energy Battery Aluminum Shell – Price of 3003 Aluminum Sheet for Battery Casing

How much does a ton of 3003 aluminum sheet, the stretching material for battery casings, cost? The price of the product can vary depending on each manufacturer. Factors such as the size, craftsmanship, and location of different manufacturers can affect the price. Additionally, there are various specifications for the product, such as different thicknesses and states, which can also impact its performance and quality, thereby influencing the price. If you would like a more accurate and detailed quotation for 3003 aluminum sheet as a stretching material for battery casings, it is recommended to directly contact the manufacturing company. They will have professionals who can provide a more reasonable and specific quotation based on the actual requirements of the user.

Mingtai Aluminum Supply New Energy Battery Aluminum Shell – 3003 Aluminum Sheet for Battery Casing with Competitive Price

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